Herez my list of some favourite la la la

Okay herez the "rhyme" with help from Sudeep ofcourse πŸ˜€

(PS : You gotta SING this in the same tune as the REAL song..go ahead ..try itt πŸ˜€ )

Days with no work

and Saturdays and Sunday

Chaating on Yahoo

When boss on a holiday

Shoppin in malls like extravagant Kings

These are a few of my favourite things

Doggies and Animals

which reek of innocence

Dreams with me in a

Chauffered Mercedes Benz

The scent of wet earth that the raindrop brings

These are a few of my favourite things

Bill gates and Ambanis

At my two feet

Pictures of Me on

Every darrn street

Partying in Clubs with On the house Drinks

These are a few of my favourite thingss

When the boss screams, when The code crashes

when I am feeling MOrose

I simply remember my favourite things and then

I dont feellll soo GROSSS

                                — AdiOsss —

(Had to come up with the suitable "end" πŸ˜‰ )

Wow..we could actually go on & on with this.. but then, due to space "shortage"

Stoppin rite heree

Oh but I GOTTA give my vote of thanks!

I thank sudeep for his constant support in this "velaness" of mine, And for giving me that constant stream of

complely nonsensical BUT rhyming words and I thank my company for giving me enuff faaltu time to write all this.. (Sobbb..sobbb)

I am too choked to continuee.e… ** Coughhh ..CHoKE..**


Recipe : The only Dish I can make :D

Hello..I thought I should enlighten people on how to make Pasta with white sauce real quick and with minimal ingredients.

I have successfully christened this baby of mine as B'chamel Macaroni..(Sounds really "authentic " doesnt itt? :D)

Ingredients :

Milk – 1 cup
Wheat Flour / Gram Flour – I never really measure stuff so – how much ever
is required to make the paste thick
Oregano – 1 packet (You get many small packets when you order
Pizza from Pizza HUT :D)
Onion – 1 (Optional : IF you have the patience to cut)
Garlic – a pinch for that flavour
Pepper – a pinch for that flavour
Macaroni – 1 cup
Butter/Cheese (In negligible amounts , if you are health-obssessed)
Vegetable Stock – a pinch (Again Optional, if you happen to have it with u)
Salt to taste

Procedure :

1. Start with boiling the milk . Simultaneously boil the macaroni too in another

2. Add some butter,cheese,flour and some crushed pepper into the boiling milk and
stir it making sure its thickening
3. If you have the patience, then cut onion and fry and add a pinch of garlic

You can add the veggie stock at this stage

(You can add the pinch of garlic after crushing it in step 2 also)

(For Variations you could add some tomato sauce to the boiling milk too)

4. Mix the thick milk paste (also called bchamel sauce), boiled macaroni and the fried onions.

Sprinkle Oregano generously and some chilli flakes (again courtesy
Pizza Hut πŸ˜€
) if you are the "spicy" kind and mix well
5. Tadaaaaa…Pasta Is Ready to be eatenn πŸ˜€

Ahem ..Try it out and in case you dont like it..Dont come after ME πŸ˜‰

My Fantasy!!

Yup you guessed it right ..I fantasizee aboutt… …..tadaaaa… "Dessertss"!! I actually "dream" or should I say "fantasize" about them and even set it as my wallpaper.Gosh just talking about it has me drrooolingg all over..

I just saw Sud's post( and got inspired to put more pics which I can salivate over..slurpp…I remember watching "Chocolat"..Those delicacies the lady (I dont remember her name..Chocolates are veryy distracting!) made in the movie drove me absolutely insaneee..I couldnt sleep for 2 days after watching it ;)..Slurppppppppp is all I can say now..more elaborate words refuse to come out at this stage..

Was looking at some "dessert" pics and They captivated me in no time and had me chanting " WANT ITT.WANT IT NOWW!"

Slurpppp…god why did you not make me skinnyyyy!!

Ohh Here's an "excerpt" of the chat I had with Sud discussing dessertss ;)..

sud: or we build machines
sud: you exercise for 10 minutes a chocolate pops out
sud: you exercise for 40 minutes u get a pastry
funkycharu: :))
funkycharu: how bout..smthing which looks like dessert..tastes like dessert
funkycharu: but is actuallyy..a fruit or something calorieless..sigh
sud: or why dont u drink water
funkycharu: :p
funkycharu: go away

sud: and we hav a virtual reality machine
sud: which will program ure mind taht ure eating a huge piece of chocolate cake
sud: thatll be my phd thesis topic
funkycharu: Yeahhhhhh
funkycharu: oh god
funkycharu: u are a geniussssss!!!
funkycharu: 😑 sigghhhh
sud: choconeurology
sud: to model the behaviour of chocolate on nerve cells and reproduce that behaviour with external "non fattening" stimuli

Isnt this Guy awesomee??? Go get your PHD SOOON Sudd!! πŸ˜‰


Whenever I am dead bored at work, I turn to google for entertainment and believe me It has never failed loves googlesss . I have done some “weird” searches out there..Some of the more notable ones are (believe me,I’ve copied it right from my history!)

“how to make a lot of money without doing much” (Sigh..If only google had given me a good answer to this one!)

“how to kick start a scooter” (not of much help here either.Cant believe noone thought of writing instructions for this:D!)

“best looking guy in the world” (ahem.ahemm..)

“Doggie Words” (ok I dont remember Why I needed this one..:-/)

“0.25 + Do I need to wear glasses” (Yup..who needs to go to an Optician when google is around ;))

“Resume + Bill Gates” (Needed to know what to put in my resume to get where HE is..Sighhh)

“Funny + Resignation Letters” (Want to give my boss a good laugh atleast when I’m leaving!!)

“I hate Indian Idol” (I tried to use this string for the last post..sadly not many sites 😦 )
Ofcourse I have tried several times to search for my own name..Thankfully, there’s an actress here with the same name.

I can always call it a little part-time jobb.ahemmm..

This was good time pass too.Going over each and every search term I’ve ever used!!

I told You google rocks dint i ???!

Oh and check this out..(if u like soccer)