Enough Drama For A Day

So I had just finished typing out my other post about how I am in control and all that and Baby M decides to show me who is the boss.

Drama 1 : I was in front of the TV eating salad. Baby M was around playing with her toys. She is at this stage where she instantly knows if we are eating something and stares at us and  tries reachin for the food in our plates. So as soon as I put one piece of cucumber in my mouth, she began to eye the plate. (Anyhow the background is that she has no teeth and is primarily on my feed so doesn’t really “eat” anything). So I look at the tv one moment and look back down and I see that Baby M has gleefully grabbed 2 pieces of moolis (radish i.e) one in each hand and is sucking at them . I found it very amusing that she picked them up and felt sorry that I was eating in front of her. So I just gave her a piece of cucumber to suck on to distract her. Another momentary glance at the tv and back and whoosh – there is a small piece of cuumbber lying down while the bigger piece is missing. I get slightly psyched and look at baby M and she has turned red and starts coughing. Now I get fully psyched and started cursing myself for not having paid attention to the first aid section in What To Expect (what was that Heimlich maneuver or whatever thingy!?) What am I supposed to do now? I just decide to go with hitting her hard on the back. I also bend her down so that with gravity the cucumber could dislodge itself. thankfully a mere 3 seconds (felt like wayy longer) later it was out!! Phew..I patted myself on the back for having great presence of mind and thought I had a new method to save babies from choking. Sigh..Baby M will be so proud of her mommy. Funnily enough when I read online about choking and things getitng stuck, it said that the baby’s coughing will, in all probability, automatically push the stuck thing out! Cha..And I thought it was all my doing..I was even going to name it the Brave C Manouver 😉

Drama 2 : After the cucumber incident, I get Baby M to finally sleep. I put her down on the bed  and build a mini fort around her with pillows so that she doesn’t fall over.( Again background is that Baby M is an expert at rolling now ). I then came to the other room to catch up on my “internet time”. After 10 minutes, I decided to check on her even though it was all quiet and she should have been sleeping. I entered the room and saw Baby M at the very edge of the bed inching her way to a fall. (Super HeartAttack!)  She had skillfully kicked the pillow  down and had rolled over! I get majorly worked up and start running towards her so she doesn’t fall down. And Ofcourse while running, the bathroom mat gets under my feet and I slip and Humpty Dumpty has a great fall. I was only slightly hurt but on the ground and I look up at her and scream “maaaarviiiiiiii” so loudly that she looks at me, gets startled and starts crying. But phew that saves a few seconds and immediately lift her off the bed. Disaster Averted! Why does baby M like to live on the edge!? It has happenned so many times now. One moment I bend down to pick up her diaper and by the time I look up she has rolled herself all the way to the edge.Kids these days I tell You! 🙂

I think Thats enough drama for one day. So okay I give up, Baby M, you are the Boss. Please stop giving me heart attacks And I shall also try and be less careless 😀