Whats On You?

Once in a while, I get this urge to “educate” myself .So I have decided to dole out a bit of “fundae” on cool gadgets – the must haves and the must knows !

Must Haves –>


  • What better to start with than Apple’s greatest Gadget – the iPod.I currently use the “classic” iPod (20 GB) .Its got great features – easy to manouver through the playlists, amazing sound quality and ofcourse the sheer SIZE(It can easily double up as an external drive!)! A not-so-good feature though is that The battery life is prety short..Of late though, I am really taken by the iPod Shuffle. Ipod Shuffle

          Its easy on the pocket and I love the whole “I dont know what’s going to play next” concept.Not to mention how amazing good it         l ooks and “feeels” . I just looooooove all of apple’s products..the Mac notebooks, desktops..sighhhh..How do they manage to make it look so stylishly sexy

  • Next on the list is a Nokia N Series Phone.I am an absolute fan of Nokia phones and haven’t “detoured” from their phones for the last 5 years (before which I used to run to “outdates” std booths 😉 ) I think the best quality I’ve noticed is that inspite of “throwing” the phone down several times, it always seems to work and doesnt Split into different parts (Advice: Dont try this “stunt” at home 😉 ) !! The N-Series phones really rock..I own the N70 and am more than thrilled with it.The list of great features includes the 2Mp camera which More than serves its purpose since Its really easy to transfer the photos and attach it with emails plus the quality doesnt look compromised at all.The radio (esp the “Visual Radio” feature) and the mp3 player is very good.The active Menu on the huge display is very Useful. On the flip side, I find the phone a bit “slow” at times.I guess that goes with the turf. All those features will take up some processor speed I spose..But nehow, What has captured my fancy now is definitely the N90! Just the way it looks is greatt – Sleek and Stylish. I love those “twistable” displays and there’s some new “Carl Zeiss Optics” thingy on the camera which gives extra clear resolution. Other than which there’s not much difference between the two (N70 and N90).So you gotta go for ANY of the N-Series phone..Very Handy! Nokia N90 Click here for some comparisons

  • Now that I’ve “showed off” two of the cool gadgets I own (or rather “possess” since I dint “buy” them per se ;)),Its time to show-off my darling Lappie Inspy (I’ve heard its trendy to name your laptops ;)).If you have guessed with its “name”, its a Inspiron 630M (Dell’s). I never knew much about laptops before and even now my knowledge is limited to just the basics about MY lappie.Neways, I really get bowled over by sleeek looks (Just for these gadgets, otherwise I am a “deeep” person..hehe)..Plus considering that I was using this Dabba of a comp before – P3 864 MHz ,120 MB RAM & 20 GB HDD , I absolutely adore Inspy. Since the configurations are customizable, my boasting is not going to do any good to anyone. Plus points include the multimedia button shortcuts featured in the front and the speakers are pretty good.A good deal for watching movies, listening to songs etc etc. And I love the fact that there are so many USB ports (and even a firewire port – very useful for ur iPods!).Dell Inspiron 630 On the negative side, I got nothing (Limited knowledge remember?).Do over heated legs count as a negative? 🙂 Oh If u want to check out “real” reviews, click here.

Just a tip for increasing battery life.Dont use your laptop connected to the power outlet at all times.The battery has to get completely discharged before getting recharged.

Sadly these are the only “cool” gizmos I have. So moving to the next “segment” ..the must knows or rather the Knowledge SPreading Segment ;)..

Must Knows —>

  • There has been so much talk of the Blu-Ray Disc since Sony has already unveiled its first BluRay Laptop .So here’s some gyaan on that. Why is it called BluRay?? It uses a blue-violet laser to write data instead of the conventional red laser (Red hs a longer wavelength than Blue..(remember VIBGYOR? :D) Hence more data can be stored..Neways even I dont understand more of the gibberish written on the sites 🙂 )So coming to the cost, Its around 3500$ but then just the thought of holding as much as 50GB on a single piece is mind-boggling isnt it? Herez some “old” news.. Sony Unveiling BluRay
  • Although it hasnt really caught the fancy of Indians in India yet, I think the GPS will eventually be indispensable.In a gist, the Automobile GPS reciever works this way –> You type in the address you want to reach and the GPS automatically calculates your present position, and directs you through the shortest route to your destination.It has built-in route maps and even tells you where you gotta turn and where you gotta keep left..Amazing isnt it? Check out some of the “StreetPilots” (I love the name, sounds so “hep”!) in the market. I think something like this will be great in Bangalore, only thing, the GPS should calculate the least crowded route :)..or the route with most of probability of Green Signals when I get there.If you want to know how GPS works (I mean the dirty technicalitiess ;)!), check this link.
  • I am sure many of you have seen the Tata Sky Ad where the sweeper faces a Shower of electronic items , DVD players and music systems included! I was wondering what it really is and did a bit of research. Tata Sky provides Digital Satellite Television transmission (As opposed to “cable” television). What is called DTH (Direct To Home).This transmission basically uses the MPEG-2 compression (Which is used in DVDs, hence the “DVD” quality). Okay, lets not venture into technicalities..Not my piece of cake! What i love about this most is the 7 day programme guide for all channels. While this is very common in other countries, I find it just doesn’t exist in India.There are many more exciting features. You can watch 4 channels at once (Dont ask me what you’ll gain by that but Sometimes it gets painful changing channels every 1 milli second :D).And then There are some audio-only channels too.So if you get tired of watching TV but need it ON always(like I do),I think this feature is a saviour :D. And you can set up reminders for your favourite programmes ( Dont want to miss Desperate Housewives just because I was sleeping 😉 )Oh and you wont need playstations nemore, this one comes inbuilt with games! Awesome dont you think? Neways,I’ve wasted enough time today on this, so go check out this link .I think Tata’s have come up with a real winner this time.

Believe it or not,I am frigging exhausted after all the google search I’ve done. My brain isn’t used to this high intensity reading and “understanding”..So Heres my Ciaoo hoping it was a tad useful atleast :D.