Finally am back on track with my movie watching

After the hectic core terms and the getting-used-to-different-study-groups terms, I finally got back to my old movie watching obsession. Am finally up-to-date with almost all the movies released. And  i missed giving my’s been a here goes :

My Name Is Khan :  The one thing I loved about My Name is Khan was Shahrukh Khan. I am not normally a fan of his “onscreen” abilities but he was truly adorable with his antics in the movie especially the first half. The “No No..Don’t die..Don’t die..No No” or the “Right now..Yes Now” dialogues were delivered truly into the character. The “Intercourse for Dummies” scene was damn cute. Kajol looked amazingly pretty and had great scope to perform and she did just that. So the first half endears you to Shahrukh and his antics and time passes by pretty quickly..The second half is where the movie takes a beating. I don’t like over-dramatization and I felt TOO many things were happening to Khan and it went on for too long!  Mama Jenny, the hurricane, the arrest, the stabbing, the president – these are just wayyy too many instances to happen to a single man in a period of time. The “We shall overcome” song was more funny than emotional for me. Funny haired Joel can’t possibly make me feel senti for him or anyone when he’s there with his hair like that 🙂 .. Overall, if the second half was 30 minutes shorter with more subtle happenings, the movie would have been way way wayyy better



Karthik Calling Karthik : Okay you have to watch this movie if you are a Deepika Padukone fan. Her acting wasn’t too bad and her smart office clothes were to die for! Farhan akhtar was his usual awesome self. The plotline wasn’t that good, but since there was an element of suspense and I happened to guess what the “suspense” was earlier on, I felt so proud of myself for having guessed it that I ended up enjoying the movie, half congratulating myself. The first half of the movie where Farhan turns from geek to legendary is light and funny. The parts with Deepika especially are really cute. Second half starts dragging a bit. There could have been some explanation given for Farhan’s condition in the movie. But there’s some humour sprinkled in and there are some good creepy moments too. The songs are alll amazing. So overall it wasn’t so bad.



Road movie : I can’t miss any movie with Abhay deol. So obviously went in with a lot of expectations..The plot itself is pretty flimsy especially in the first half. We can just see Abhay deol, as Vishnu drive this suffocating truck through the parched deserts of Rajasthan. And in the summer, when you come to escape the outside heat, such a movie  becomes even more unbearable. And the gross moments when Abhay deol answers nature’s call complete with the disgusting sound effects just din’t add to the appeal of the movie..ewww.. So Vishnu agrees to deliver a friend’s truck to some place along with movie screening equipment. The movie is about the “road” trip he undertakes. He picks up a smart young chai-boy, really fat mechanic Satish Kaushik and by the second half, a local village lass who gives them water when they really needed it.  The movie is probably about how “movies” bring happiness to people and how it unites all, but it din’t really come through for me. The first half, which was just 50 minutes seemed to drag on forever and I managed to pass time only by snacking on everything possible :). I liked the second half since it was eventful – the water mafia and how Vishnu sells his father’s “tel” bottles to the mafia was a bit far fetched but well its a movie. The mela, the movie screenings, the end of the road trip were all enjoyable to watch.


Hello – Movie Review

Hello! I did not go into the theatre with many expectations since I thought the book was pretty much one of Chetan’s Bhagat’s worst. Not only was the book too “bollywood masalaish”, it also had a weak plot..and the premise the book was based on, ‘the call from god’ is over in  sm 5 minutes! I don’t think that counts as “being based on”..So yeah, the movie did not disappoint me as much since the book had already let me down. So I went with low expectations and expected to be mildly entertained.I was surprised that inspite of Chetan Bhagat being involved in the screenplay, he did not have a say in the “sets”. How ridiculous those funny shaped tables in that 5 star hotel ambience looked..I don’t think its too much to expect them to design a “Call-center” look alike set..all you need is cubicles and for the “larger-than-life” movie, all they had to do was enlarge the cubicles..but no, to make it filmy they had to make them all look like they are sitting in some make shift call center in some hotel lobby!! Another thing which struck me as odd was the casting..When I read the movie I envisioned the “usual” call center crowd..i.e the hip and young – 20-25 yr olds.In this movie though, the cast looked easily some 10 years older.Sharman Joshi could have passed off as a 25 yr old but Sohail Khan??? No way!! He looked like one of those guys who everyone in colleges call “uncle”..There are ofcourse exceptions in every call center..but all of them looked older.You can watch it for the Sharman Joshi – Sohail Khan bits which were entertaining. Sharman Joshi was as expected good.Gul Panang looked really out of place and that cleavage showin top with that jazzy skirt on those “very child bearing friendly” hips looked ridiculous. I’ve seen Gul look so much better in other movies (rather in one other movie..Dor). Amrita Arora was asusual irritating.I think it’s time she loses the Doll kind of makeup. She hardly looked like she was made to do all the house work as a bahu :)..she looked like she spent all her time at kitty parties and beauty parlours. Not to mention the fact that the girl still needs acting lessons. I feel Isha Koppikar would have been a better choice for Radhika..and Amrita as Isha :)..Isha Koppikar could have been given more scope to perform.I did not find anything spectacular about her role or her acting.Military Uncle was good like a supporting cast should be..Sohail Khan’s characters and dialogues was actually cute if only he was 10 yrs younger :)..
Other than these flaws and the weak story line and some logical flaws like how the call center company allows their employees to drive their vehicles without any problem, and their very cliched portrayal of Americans and their problems,the movie was okay :)..I dint get too bored and when the book wasnt that gripping anyways we cant blame Atul Agnihotri..

Dasavatharam — Too many kamals spoil …..

Somehow, the thought that kept flashing in my mind when I was seeing Dasavatharam was
— “Too many Kamals Spoil the broth” and How!
I feel like Kamal Hassan decided on the movie’s name first and then decided that somehow he has to fit in 10 roles whether they make sense or not , zabardasti! I guess its my mistake going for it INSPITE of warnings from so many people that it was pretty pathetic.But you know how u can think “How Bad Could It Be!!” and land up going for these horrid horrid movies? So there I was in the sparsely populated theatre with my paavam “non-tamil” speaking husband (Atul) for his FIRST ever tamil film experience. I never thought the day would come when I would have to apologise for one of Kamal hassan’s movies..


I really think the movie wouldnt have been so bad IF Kamal hassan had had a LITTLE lesser amount of love for himself.He could have easily given 7 of those avatars to other people. The makeup looked so shoddy and so artificial. I mean It looked almost comical..these overly made up wax creatures (the normal wax dolls definitely look more human like than these!!) running on the roads, chasing each other, jumping up buildings, singing on stages..phew..I was scared the makeup will start cracking in places whenever there was a fire scene..Atul was guessing which characters were the Kamal avatars just by picking the funniest and most ODD looking character on the screen. and It was so true..The moment a comical weird looking creature popped up on screen, it would be YET another Kamal. I would say, the WORST looking creatures were Fletcher and the Grandma.Initially we were laughing at the way George Bush and the Japanese fellow looked. But after seeing Fletcher and Granma we decided to give the worst look award to them 🙂 ..Fletcher,George Bush and Tall Kamal actually had one similarity ..they all looked like the Incredible white :D..Oh wait Tall Kamal also looked a bit like Frankenstein..or maybe that was intentional 🙂

Next going to the 55 crores he was supposed to have spent on this movie (a big chunk of which was used for the graphics ) and the 3 year effort it toook to do the “special” effects!!?? What special effects..??? Agreed that the Tsunami towards the end looked okay but the rest of the scenes looked really amateurish. It was way tooo obvious that compute graphics were being potray that ship scenes, the scenes with water in it, and even the bike chase scene looked like a movie out of the late 70’s! And people din’t even Lip Sync properly in the movie..there was a CLEAR lag or watever when Asin was singing krishna songs ..and a pretty noticeable problem when Mallika Sherawat was trying to talk in Tamil..I am soooo disappointed by the technical faults in a 55 crore movie ,that I am pretty sure, Kamal has a palatial new house built somewhere in chennai 😉

Now coming to some reviews which I read, which talked about how this is an “INTELLECTUAL” movie and not a masala movie . LOL…ROTFL.Okay Just because he mentions the word chaos theory in the movie , doesnt make it even a teensy bit of an intellectual movie.C’mon, What would you say the probability will be, of a bullet hitting a singer with throat cancer and whisking away his cancerous cells along with it so that ,not only does he LIVE but he can also now continue singing all his life???!!???!! LOL..I actually burst out laughing at the absurdity of it..ofcourse noone complained cuz there were hardly any people in the theatre!! 🙂 Oh and the last scene with Fletcher dying in the tsunami but not before he was poked by an Indian does patriotism come in here anyways? Govind, the protagonist was busy developing bio weapons for the US and came to India only in pursuit of that vial not for any patriotic reason! And what was being portrayed was how GOD overpowers science and all that…Ok whatever…He wanted to add he did..I was also disappointed by the quality of jokes that a Kamal Hassan movie should have had.I was remembering Pancha Thantram, Thenali..Avvai Shanmugi..Pammal K Sambandam..Sigh..What riots these movies are..and In comparison here’s one of the most pathetic “jokes’ in the movie —- The last scene between Fletcher and that Japanese Kamal..

“Remember Hiroshima” asks American Kamal…

“Remember Pearl Harbour” says Japanese Kamal

too funnny re!!

To be fair to Kamal, I loved Balram Naidu..Absolutely adorable character and the only saving grace for the movie. I was looking forward to seeing more and more of Balram Naidu and his jokes..too cute 🙂

But other than that, there were just too many avatars of his, which dint make any sense ..What was that Vincent fellow doing there? What mannu mannu was he talking about? Oh and why did they have to bring in Shingen Narahashi? Must be to crack that Pearl Harbour Joke..and to Shout out “Tsunami” when he saw the tsunami 🙂 ..cuz you know, only the japanese knew what the tsunami is..wink wink ..hehhe.. Patti Kamal looked a bit grotesque but was pretty cute in the scenes with Balram Naidu..Sardar Kamal was completely over dramatic..and who would pay to see an old sardar and his old (but still beautiful) wife dance on stage?? Eeks. George Bush Kamal looked comical..but nothing compared to that joke of a guy,Fletcher! The First story and the first kamal …other than the shockingly disgusting way in which Kamal was “tortured” in it, I have no averse feelings towards Mr.Nambi I shall let that be..the Giant Kamal who was super imposed on the screen some of the time it was obvious because people looked like they are talking to the air and not to him…and who had no real role to play really other than helping My favourite Balram Naidu crack a few jokes at his expense.

I think that covers all the kamals, who existed JUST to satisfy his super sized ego..:) Asin as the heroine was very irritating..She was constantly screeching and screaming. I wonder how Kamal could fall in love with her..even In the movie!! Mallika sherawat..her item number slightly bordered on vulgarity ..ok someone tell me Why did they get Fletcher and Mallika married neways ? Was that to get Fletcher an indian visa ? Ok forget it, this movie isnt worth analysing soo much : )..
Net Net ,
All I can say
To Atul is : Sorry for putting you through Dasavatharam but It was soo sweet that you sat through patiently 🙂 ..
To all the other non-tamil speaking audience who were in the elevator with me and actually thought that the movie must have made much more sense to people who knew tamil — No It did not make sense to Me either..
and To GOD/Whoever it is that puts these ideas into Kamal’s head — Please GIVE me the comedyyyy Kamal Back…he was sooo good at it!

PS : Btw I am impressed with the way people have caught on to the whole “dasavatharam” concept and analysed it so much..Here’s a blog with the mapping between Vishnu’s 10 avatars and Kamal’s 10 avatars. Really interesting –>

Guru – Movie Review


Okay so I managed to watch Guru the 2nd day it released.I went in with loadsaa expectations..I have always loved Mani Ratnam..more so the non-terrorist type movies that he has made (Mouna Ragam , a tamil movie, is definitely his BEST work till date and it had no terrorists:)). And then there was Amitabh Bacchan saying he has never cried so much while seeing his son act ( I wonder what was the real reason behind those tears..”Is this MY son“? 😉 ) and it was by far his best work..Anyhow unfortunately Guru just does not measure up to my sky high expectations esp coming after Yuva! The gist of the story is how a young middle class boy utilises his sharpness/cleverness to create a gargantuan of a company inspite of all the red-tapism and bureacracy he has to face.There are some good points about the movie..One of which is that Mani Ratnam has taken up a “businessman” as the central character..and a rags to riches stories always excites everyone.Plus there’s Abhishek giving a pretty good performance (although I am sure he can do muchhh better)..Aishwarya has thankfully done as directed by Mani so she passes too.If you want to know only how “great” the movie is..go to GuruIMDB and let Me get into the negatives(IMHO)..I find many characters pointless really..Ppl might call it real life but I cant accept that Madhavan loses steam in getting “truth” out and pulling Guru down when he started off so well..and Why is Vidhya Balan there at all? (I think its the “in” thing for actresses to play characters with disabilityy. I can almost imagine the conversation between Mani and Vidhya..

Mani : I have a miniscule pointless role for you — the grand daughter of some newspaper guy who fights against Guru.

Vidhya : Umm well not interested..I only do “heroines” these days..

Mani : Let me throw in some leg disability

Vidhya : Well.ummm…alrite..I could give it a thought

Mani : Okay fine I can give you multiple Sclerosis

Vidhya : Yayy I am IN )

There are many scenes in the movie which are just not convincing enough.I felt like Ratnam somehow did not put ALL his effort into it or maybe he had so much of material that he did not know what to put in. Like I was never convinced that Gurubhai made use of a lot of unethical practices..forget lot..I mean probably my definition of unethical needs brushing up but I can remember just one scene where he was probably “bribing/blackmailing” the minister. Or I am assuming(In all my louu for Mani) that he did not want us to hate the main character of the story. And then there was the case of all share holders getting angry and jittery when Gurubhai addresses them, withstanding pouring rain and all.But soon after, he appears in the court and the same public starts loving him again..The usual inspiring monologue with the standing ovation in the end which propels the jury to declare him “not – so -guilty”.. On foresight, public sympathy will be on the side of the guy who got a stroke what say?? The 3 hours wasn’t completely absorbing and I could feel the THREEE HOURS..I mean It wasn’t one of those movies where you wish there’s more! It does have a “happy” ending though..hero wins the war and doesnt become any poorer..So Yayyyy for that..

Coming to looks/beauty/appearances, What happened to our miss. world Aishwarya Rai..She doesnt look all that appealing in this movie..neither did Vidhya Balan actually or any of the other female characters.Maybe Mani goes light with the makeup..Madhavan looked amazingg. WIth all the weight he has lost, he looks 10 years younger and I liked Mithun too..The character suited him to the T..He did a good job..Abhishek moulded himself pretty well though he could have gotten more into the character in the second half..All in all, I would give the movie at 5/10...The actors all put in some pretty good performance..Screenplay/Story deserved some more depth..and lasht but not the least, what the hell did Amitabh cry for again??? Not one scene worth getting “emotional”..