Why guns rage over trivial issues?

I finally got to watch Noone Killed Jessica the day before and came out feeling really disturbed about how our country and its systems function. In the end, Jessica did end up getting a fair trial but it took 10 years and a whole lot of media frenzy to get that to happen. This sort of law evasion is possible only if every arm gets twisted, every person, every police gets manipulated into rigging the entire system. I am amazed at how people readily buy into freeing a crazy man who for the most trivial of things takes a life. What gives him the right? It was so frustrating to see witnesses  turn hostile. I honestly don’t know what I would do if faced with the choice of my life or facing my conscience. I am hoping that I’d be able to live with myself and keep the faith on the police doing its job.  If it was some girl at a party now, it could be you tomorrow if these guys are let to escape any form of punishment.

Take the Jessica case again …Just because Manu was a minister’s son, the entire system was willing to bend and let him off. Even after being arrested in 2009, he was given a 60 day bail where he was spotted in several parties while he was supposed to be attending to a sick mother! The insane killer out at night clubs again!!!  Is a politician really the GOD for our country? Is his word always the bible for those maintaining law and order in our country? I wonder if this is why Delhi has become a hotbed for crimes over trivial reasons. It is a city filled with politicians and people with power in their heads. This probably implies that anyone who knows a friend of a cousin of a son of the minister can get away with practically anything. And maybe this is why people are roaming around with guns waiting to show their power at the slightest provocation.

It has become an almost everyday event in Delhi (as the papers report) for people on the street to take out guns and shoot each other over trivial things like accidentally opening the door of a car on a passerby or someone splashing water on a customer’s clothes by mistake. It makes me wonder why this is becoming a trend in the Capital of our country ? Why is nobody in control of their rage and does anyone understand the consequence of holding a gun in his hand? I am honestly searching for an underlying reason which could someday be addressed to stop this. Why are there so many people roaming around with guns in their pockets in the first place? Should gun licenses be re-looked at ? Is it necessary for everyone who feels the least bit insecure to possess a gun? Or is it just that so many politicians in one place makes everyone dizzy with drunken power that they think its inconsequential to take another life in any which way. The psyche of many people in Delhi has probably been shaped to feel that to get out of jail, all you need is to find a contact who has a connection with some minister. The city seems to have developed norms and laws which aren’t like any other just because of the whole “power and politics” equations.

I frankly don’t know if Delhi is really unsafe or the media makes it a point to report all possible such cases from the capital. But I have heard so many real cases of the city being unsafe and the city police being not very co-operative. So many questions and  I don’t have the answers. Although I do think that if the police and the judiciary system are trustworthy then these incidents will be rare.  The Aarushi case is another case in point where evidence has apparently been tampered with! Pay these guys more so that they aren’t tempted by bribes so much. Instead of increasing salaries for politicians for whom the “actual” salary has rarely mattered, increase it for the law enforcing personnel of our country who need it more to protect themselves inorder to protect us… I don’t know what I would do to solve any of this, but I just felt like ranting after watching that movie..

.Here’s to making the capital more safe for everyone…