Yeah this is usually my reaction when I get to the “about me” part in any page. How can I write about myself? I am afterall a , ahem ahem, modest person! 😉 But let me atleast give u the facts.I was born in May in the same year as when the hindi movie HERO(older version) released ( I am not really a big movie buff . Just thought I should make you work hard before you get my age right 😉 ) And ever since I’ve displayed those typical taurean qualities – Down to earth, stubborn like a bull and a sucker for humor whereever and whenever I can get it!

Aaah alrite I am ditching any further attempts at my own character assassination!

Ahem! And You Are Here Becuz..??

Oh and folks??..After having numerousss people tell me my blog name sounds a bit..ahem..u know what..ahemm..I’ve decided to clarify before you rummage through the blog hoping to find ahem..you know what..ahem ;) ..

I was talking about Uncensoring MY VIEWS /OPINIONS and nothing else (Sad but trueee ..you can sigh now!) .. But you could stick on anyways since you are here and probably dont have much to DO! D


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