What will Baby M become when she grows up?

It is funny how we keep looking for clues to see what profession my two year old daughter will choose so many years later. Being “cool” “new-age” parents, we don’t want her to become an engineer or something common like that..:D..So clinging to this silly hope we keep scouring for signs of her choosing a really cool profession. Here are some clues that we keep trying to infer 🙂


-> Baby M has always walked on her toes..She does that even now. AND her idea of dancing is to just turn round n round n round…so what is my baby going to be for sure ?? A Ballet Dancer , Yayy..

-> She also has an obsession with spotting aeroplanes in the sky ever since she could say the word aeroplane. She has this uncanny ability to spot them far, near, right, left, hidden, in full view..any damn place they are flying in. Many times, Me and Atul keep searching for the aeroplane that she has spotted, but she has never been wrong. ..So Atul is quite confident she could have a bright future as an Air Traffic Controller 🙂

-> An Actress  is also not a bad option my little drama queen. I have seen her go to the mirror when she is crying and checking out herself sobbing away. She can do a very filmi sob on cue too. I have also seen M practise in front of the mirror  saying “Sorry ! I won’t do it again” over and over again..LOL . I know now how the apology comes even before she finishes her mischievous doings 🙂

-> M also has a real keen sense of audio, sight and smell . We might be whispering something in a room and she will come out of nowhere and ask very pertinent questions about the discussed gossip 😉 ! lol .. She can also smell what someone has eaten from a mile away.. Anyone eats chocolates and goes within a mile of her has to face her interrogation ..”What did you eat?” “Is it Chocolate” “I also want Chocolate”. I have decided she will make a fine Detective.

-> Ofcourse one thing that we think M will become for sure is a Manager. She loves to give instructions to all of us..So much so that , she will tell Atul how to drive a car. Very confidently she will keep her hands in front of her like she is driving and say” Like this, Papa..and  Go left, Papa” . Or If I am cleaning something, she will immediately come up and point at areas which I have to clean!

–> If all else fails, M can aim to become the Prime Minister of India in the future or atleast a diplomat. She is very politically correct. Whenever asked to choose who is better amongst two individuals, she will think hard and then say “Both are good”. For e.g “M, who is better ,Mamma or Pappa?”, She will take her time thinking and then ask “If is say Mamma will Pappa cry” (or vice versa) , and then finally say “Both are good” 😀

So there it is..our deciphering of clues. We are trying to figure out more clues everyday ..so hopefully I will update this post if I decipher more cool professions


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