Dangerous rhymes

Now that am singing rhymes once again, I have started wondering why all these rhymes are so negative in nature not to mention the surprisingly common sad endings! It is actually ridiculous how many rhymes I could come up with  all of which suit this whole tragic ending business —

Let’s start with Rock a bye baby – So a baby is blissfully rocking in its cradle on a goddamn tree for some reason and then a wind blows and the bough breaks and the baby falls along with its cradle! Ouch..the poor little baby..and the careless parents who “rock” their babies on trees..tch tch..hmm but seriously this is a LULLABY you sing for the babies?!

Jack and Jill is not that far behind. A simple, menial task like fetching a pail of water brings about a series of unfortunate events. You have Jack falling down and breaking  his crown and Jill who doesn’t like to be left alone comes tumbling down after him. The poor souls..

Then you have Mr.Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall quite nonchalantly not having a clue as to whats going to happen next…..but as luck would have it he has a great fall.. And obviously there is no Happy ending here either ..cause a lot of people tried but in the end they “Couldn’t put Humpty together again”

Next on the list we have the “Three blind mice Seee how they run“. Not only are they physically handicapped (Blind!) but then their tails are mercilessly cut off by the farmer’s wife for no real fault of theirs. Could they have known who they were running after since they were already blind? What Cruelty I say! And why are children subjected to such torturous rhymes ? grr..

Oh and check this gruesome one out

“Piggy on the Railway Picking up stones;
Down came an engine, And broke Piggy’s bones.

‘Ah !’ said Piggy, “That’s not fair,”

“Oh !” said the engine driver, “I don’t care !”

I mean, seriously what is that about?! Why do kids have to know about these hit-and-run accidents and unapologetic drivers anyhow? hmmph.. sniff.. Sad Ending Again? Hell Yes! the poor little pigggyy..

Okay let’s continue on this quest – listen to this one about poor little ducks getting lost one by one ..

Five little ducks Went out one day,
Over the hills, And far away.
Mother duck said, “Quack, quack, quack.”
But only four little ducks Came back, back, back”

And it goes on till all the ducks are lost!!

Come on, Lost Ducks, Dead Pigs, Fallen Babies/Jacks, Blind Mice having to deal with more cruelty — Where are the happy endings???

Oh and here is the kicker – Although this one doesn’t sound as menacing as the others,  its “meaning” is tragic enough. Our very own

Ringa Ringa Roses, Pocket full of Poises..Hushaaaa Bushaa ..WE all fall down”. It is supposed to be about how children all died  (All fell Down!) during the plague.Woah.. and yeah Husha bushaa (ahem that’s how I remember it)..is actually “ashes ashes” or whatever..Ugh That Is Ghastly!! Why can’t all rhymes be all twinkling and “starring”???!

Gosh you know what? I am feeling depressed after doing this exercise..my childhood suddenly seems violated ! I am glad that children lack the judgement to analyse the rhymes they sing .. Haha

Hmmm but maybe they were all so sombre to teach kids a lesson ..to serve as a warning or whatever…

So children what have we learnt today?

Don’t sit on walls..or u’ll fall

Don’t pick up stuff from railway lines..you’ll be run over

Don’t hang cradles from trees, and don’t put babies in them!?

Don’t wander away from your mommy

Don’t go up hills with girls to fetch water ?!?”

Very Good Children..Next Lesson Tomorrow 🙂

Can anyone think of more of these sad ending rhymes?? Will be interesting!!

😀 😀 😀


2 responses to “Dangerous rhymes

  1. Maybe its to remind the babies how lucky they are to be safe in their parents arms These rhymes maybe a warning for them to go to sleep quickly or else they may end up as one of the nursery rhyme characters.

  2. Wow Charu…. but you know what you are so right….ha ha ha… and no wonder kids are super sadistic in their 2-6 years… blame it on these ghastly rhymes ….

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