Brand New Role

I cannot believe it has been 11 months since I last blogged.  Actually I can believe it. I have been busy after all. I stepped into a new role on May 24..I am now officially a — drumrolll please —- brand new MOM 🙂 Yup it has finally happened , the “any good news” questions have come to rest at last (for the time being I presume!). It has still not really “sunk” in that I am a “mother” and its almost been half a year with this designation. I mean first off, it is such a weirdly different experience to have an actual human being come out of you..and suddenly you have this helpless creature totally dependent on you for everyyyy small and big thing. Then the initial few weeks you end up feeling like a cow (a clueless one at that!) It felt like all I was doing was feed her and this was when she slept for around 17 hours a day! Somehow I never had time to do anything else..Cooking was taken care of by my mom-in-law, all my multifarious “errands” were heeded to by my mom and grocery shopping was my father in law’s duty. Now that I think back, what the H did I do with all the free time I had? Guess time just flew me being dazed about the status change, physically I felt fine but when everyone asks you to take rest and nap, you HAVE to follow the advice right? 😀

I feel like I have graduated from a clueless mom to a know-it-all-or-well-google-is-there kinda mom 🙂 Here are some thens and nows (then = more than 3/3.5 months back and now = now (duh!))

Then : I needed 2 people to help me feed her. I was so confused about which position to use and all that crap.There was a point when my husband would demonstrate  positions in which I could feed..That was a priceless moment! haha..

Now : I can do it with one hand tied up ;). And in any position..Ha..(Okayy “It” refers to feeding btw ahem)

Then : I sterilize anything and everything that goes near the baby

Now : I give it a cursory wash with water. I justify myself saying “immunity will develop this way”)

Then : I kept asking people I met about the whys and whats and the hows

Now : I give gyan to people I meet about labor, babies , their feeding habits, their sleeping habits and other topics they care to hear about.

Then : I couldn’t believe I was baby M’s mom and didn’t get senti for a long time

Now :  I behave like a mom to other kids sometimes!! and  I am quite senti about my baby poochoo wooochooooo my cupppyycakkkeee. 😀

Then : I felt completely clueless when she cried. Baby Centre said there were some 6 different typse of cries. To me all of them sounded the same and I felt frustrated and helpless during her colic phase..

Now : Once the colic phase and the “unknown” crying stopped, things came under control and I have actually started decoding her cries and actions now (more or less :D)

Then : She used to cry harder when she saw me(I am guessing I reminded her of her hunger?)

Now : She actually stops crying when she comes to me (Awwwwwwww)

Then : I was really reluctant to put up her pics and get on video chat with her (I was a bit superstitious for some reason)

Now : I just need an excuse to show her off everywhere

Then : I was scared that the laptop/tv screen radiation will do some harm

Now : Baby M enjoys watching TV. She particularly likes Masterchef Australia 🙂

Then : I used to refer to her as “it” sometmes

Now : I can’t stop talking about baby M as baby M 🙂

Anyhow so now she is almost 5.75 months, Baby M can roll over  (which raises my BP many a times) and sit as of now (though she can’t raise herself to that position which frustrates her to no end)..I feel much more in control of things (and as I write this she proved how wrong I was ..Read on here ). I think I have come to terms to being a mom, I feel more “adulty” if u know what I mean..I can entertain her on my own and don’t think to myself “Oh when will Atul come back from office and take over” (Actually I do feel that sometimes, but I think I can manage on my own too). And now I think she actually likes me. I mean she becomes pretty happy when she sees me (sigh my heart does melt !!) and yes finally I think she appreciates more than just my feeding skills 🙂


7 responses to “Brand New Role

  1. humerous comes spontaneously….in ur writings…..really god.
    u mentioned me in ur blog..otherwise…my comments will be otherway..heeeee\

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