The year that whizzed by

Happpy NEW Yeaarr to one and all..

I came up with this ridiculous idea to relive every month of 2010 through my google chats and bring out the highlights from it 🙂 ..(Yes so what If i am jobless) . Also considering my horrid memory, google chat logs is a fun and great way to remember things which ought to be remembered.

January 2010

Can see the numerous Resume Version Number X mails going around between Shnoo And Me. Cannot see much of difference between Version 1 and Version 6 though :)) But realising WHY I did not get shortlisted with such a resume now ..

Last minute ELP presentation work . It was the one thing which went positively for me this month. Was fun doing the project with Prabhu  n Somu..All our discussions meant for ELP which always used to veer to a totally unrelated topic , the Nalanda trip in October , Prabhu’s love for the environment.. A great experience and thankfully a great presentation at the end of it. We were so delighted that day to hear good feedback :)..

Got an unexpected mail that Me and Jiggy were through to the Finals of “MarketPlace”, an event in IIM Calcutta. I remember going through the first round in a stupor!! So it was interesting to be shortlisted. We decided to go to Calcutta and compete in the Finals. Was a fun trip with Jigs the Pigs. Even managed to visit South City Mall with Vineetha Kaka and Vichu in the 1.5 day trip we made :)) We made a good presentation which wasn’t much on the execution side but I thought it rocked the Strategy side.  Funny part was how I called Wildstone a “Cheap” brand in front of its Managing Directors. Maybe that is why we din’t win anything. I had hoped they’d appreciate my honesty 🙂

Placements start and the agonizing wait for a “shortlist” also starts. I am still under the illusion that I wasn’t being shortlisted because I wasn’t applying to many companies. Little did I know the story will stretch forever regardless of whether I was applying or not !!! 😀

February 2010

Celebrated my second anniversary with Atul by going for Dinner to “N-Grill”. Nice place, great food (really small portions though). Spent a nice week in Mumbai before the “Placement Week” Started. The take home Corporate Governance Exam was good fun. I was writing tales and tales using the coolest sounding words. :))

Priya’s Wedding was coming up and I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I was STILL under the illusion that if I applied to the “right” companies, they would shortlist me. Had to advance my ticket back from Chennai without seeing either the Reception or Muhurtham for a stupid stupid company which finally did not shortlist me. Ughh..How angry I was..and irritated. Made the resolution to never miss any friend’s wedding for trivial things like “hoping for a shortlist”!!

Not a great month. One entire “placement” week goes by without me applying for a single company. I think only 4-5 turned up and I wasn’t interested. it was one hell of a boring and Velaa week in ISB.

Holi came and went and it was great fun…Atul was laughing so much that it was hilarious 🙂

Mar 2010

Last term at ISB. No mood to attend classes apparently..or do assignments.. One particular course which I had “personally” recommended was Database Marketing whose assignments were the most tortorous ever..esp in the LAST term. But the classes in particular were actually fun since we were allowed to use laptops and  spent this time Chating and facebooking and looking at photos..That din’t help us much during assignment time. Got cursed super-types by Jiggy and Shnoo for having suggested this course to them :D..

April 2010

Convocation was really emotional actually.. Will miss ISB, my quaddies, my other friends, the parties, the classes but at the same time I was reallly glad to be living together with Atul again.. :)…Meanwhile, after passing out me and jiggy wanted to prank call our quads back in ISB and sing “one little two little three little indiansss” in a sooper spooky voice..sigh me likes spooky little indian songs 😀

Nothing much happening on the job front, hopeful still though and applying to many many companies 🙂

Thanks to security threats in Bangalore, I got to watch Chennai SuperKings match at DY Patil.. Have already blogged about that!


I have realised that I chat way tooo extensively and getting into chat logs is like diving into the Marine Trench in the Pacific Ocean :).. I have a minimum of 400 chat logs for every month!! Gosh..So well am giving up on this “assignment” inspite of being vela. Its a surprise I got till Apri ..actually its a surprise that YOU got till here reading hehe..l! 🙂



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