A Quick Veggie Thai Green Curry!

I always crave for certain foods and Thai cuisine is one of them (inspite of being a veggie).  I just love the green papaya salad, their tom kha soup and the thai green curry. I finally decided to give a go at making a Thai green curry with most of the “present-at-home” ingredients. The only thing I needed to go to the market was the Lemon grass stalks and they were surprisingly easily available. So here is my recipe for a quick thai green curry ..which turned out quite decent (I was surprised too!!)

Quick Vegetarian Thai Green Curry – Serves 2

Grind to a paste :

3-4 Small Green Chillies

Half a bunch of coriander – Stalk and Leaves

1 inch piece of normal ginger (Instead of Gallangal or the thai ginger)

Lemon Rind (Just peeled two pieces of 1’inch skin off the normal lemon – instead of Kaffir Lime Leaves )

3 Shallots (i.e baby onion or sambar onion as we get here)

2 tbsp Coriander Seeds

1 tbsp Black Peppercorns

Lemon Grass Stalk ( 2-3 leaves cut should be fine)

3-4 Garlic Cloves


Olive Oil

2 tbsps of coconut milk to get a decent liquified mixture

(I used the “Homemade” brand of Coconut milk)

For the Veggies :

I used

1 diced carrot

3-4 baby corns diced

1 yellow/red pepper

8-9 beans cut into halves

1 Potato

Frozen Peas – 3 tbsp

Half an onion

Tofu/Paneer (I used 3-4 cubes of paneer)

Method :

Put all the veggies (except the bell pepper) in a pressure cooker and take it down just as it is going to whistle.

Quickly Run the cooker under some water to let the steam off , so that the veggies have a bit of crunch in them.

Then use  1 tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan and let the bell pepper and some onion fry until translucent.

Add in the ground paste and the coconut milk until you have the light green color that you want. (Be generous with the coconut milk). I used 1 entire pack of the “homemade” coconut milk. Once it starts boiling, add in all the veggies.Put in some paneer/tofu too. Tofu would give a better “thai” taste than paneer, but according to availability you can use either.

Also add 2 lemon grass stalks at this stage and put in some dried basil on top and let the entire thing simmer for 5-10 minutes.Add Salt according to taste and a 2 tsps of sugar for that slightly sweet taste.

And well, thats it! You have your quick thai green curry.

Here’s a snap shot of how it looked in the end. Not bad for the minimal effort which went in! 🙂


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