That thing which annoyed me and my bold move

As I mentioned in the last post I ended up with an interview for an IT services company in a role which I really liked , after applying for it on LinkedIn. I had 1 telephonic HR interview which I thought went decent and 1 line interview which I thought went really well. Especially since the guy on the other line said they liked me and wanted me to work with them and asked me about salary expectations and all that.  I also had a face-to-face line interview which again went really well (according to me) . Although they said they’ll offer me contractual employment since I had no experience whatsoever.  I was okay with that since I am supremely confident that I’ll be able to impress one and all with my skills in a short period of time. Who am I kidding!?  But point being I was okay with it. He said the HR person will call me to draft the contract and other terms et al.  I almost jumped in joy (once he left ofcourse) that finally I am getting something that I wanted. The role I liked, the industry not as much but it was a good start.

So one week passes by after the interview and nothing from their side. The second week, I decide to write a mail to the HR asking for a time to talk. She replies the next day saying that she’ll call me the next day. I wait and wait for that call which never comes. I am pretty bugged by this time so by the end of that week I decide to make the call myself to find out what’s happening.  But everytime I called she was out! I called for 6 days in a row atleast 3 times a day and not once was she in her office.  Even if she was out, she could have informed me that the call has been postponed or anything of that sort. I almost got the feeling that she was deliberately avoiding my calls. Or maybe I’m paranoid, but 6 days in a row how can she be out? So I got terribly peeved! I hate it when companies don’t respond. The least they owe you is an explanation of any kind. I don’t mind being said a no to but being in limbo is the worst. This time around I decided I will not take the shit and wrote a bold and scathing mail to them saying that I am hugely disappointed with the experience and did not like the way they treated me and I’d much rather not work in such an unprofessional setting. Ahem..

I knew that it wasn’t going to get me anywhere but somewhere I was half expecting a mail back saying “Waah Charulatha. You are the change agent that our organization has always needed. Because of your honesty, we are willing to hire you right away..Sign on the dotted line NOW!” .Sigh..sadly my first instinct proved right and I did not get a response to even that. Maybe some organizations don’t like to be told that they were “unprofessional”. Or Maybe the HR female was actually out of station for 10 days and did not have mail access and Maybe the other interviewer also went MIA online for some reason. which case I’ll probably write one more mail saying “About the last mail, that wasn’t me ..My computer got hacked and I don’t know how that mail got sent!!”


3 responses to “That thing which annoyed me and my bold move

  1. Screw them!!! U did the rite thing…. wish i cud’ve drafted the mail with u … wud’ve made it explosive!!!

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