So What Works

Obviously it is not me! Booo for that! And am back with one of my wallowing-in-self-pity-about-my-unemployment type of entries ..

Anyways this is more a post about the different ways I’ve approached job-hunting. And after 2.5 months of exhausting all the television series – both online and realtime on tv , I actually feel the need to go out there and get a job..So yayy for thinking constructively atleast. So this job thing is proving to be more elusive than Osama Bin Laden.

I started off looking for a job quite leisurely, mailing 1 alum per day asking about openings. I did get more than a couple of responses and some which actually took me through to the interview stage. Actually make that 1 interview.  Having done that I decided to try bombarding and with my job applications. I still do that pretty faithfully infact. Naukri regularly sends me shortlists from C++ companies who want me to do only C++. After 20 lakhs and 1 year of ISB I cannot bring myself to do that! I also get listings for being a french translator, receptionist etc etc which I am currently not looking for really 🙂 . Monster is slightly better off, atleast the consultants who shortlist me there don’t want me to code.  But it is crazy how even after applying to a minimum of 7 jobs per day, I still haven’t had a single interview through these job sites. I thought it had something to do with my mentioned current salary (which was my last drawn salary) since everytime I’d apply I’d notice that 400 applicants have lesser CTC and have more experience. So I went ahead and put my current salary as 0 lakhs per annum (since I am currently unemployed, this is true !!) Still no luck..sigh..I am really curious about the kind of people who do get jobs from India’s largest placement portalss..very curious..

Next I tried getting my hands on lists of consultants in Mumbai. I had always thought once my resume hits Naukri and Monster, consultants will be calling me day in and day out..Ahem but it was not to be so..It’s almost the other way around. I tried calling a few consultants, some of whom got intimidated when I mentioned my last drawn CTC..So I stopped mentioning it once in for all. I even lie about it now ! But even after that consultants don’t call me back ever..It’s like my resume has untouchable written all over it or something. Even now I think that my resume doesn’t look all that bad. Hell, even I get impressed looking at all I’ve done ;)..I must have mailed around 30 consultants and called some 20 consultants. Only one  responded to my SOS and got me an interview.

Next I decided to hit LinkedIn jobs. I  never knew LinkedIn was so awesome until I started spending so much time on it. On an off-track, One thing I really like about LinkedIn is that whenever you view a company website, you can actually see “career” paths of employees. As in which companies they’ve come from and where they went next sorta thing. Very cool..Anyhow so LinkedIn Jobs proved to be the most effective so far. I applied to 2 and got an interview on my 2nd application. Ofcourse the story with that interview is another tragedy. Will write about that in my next post!! 🙂

After that a friend of mine suggested I just make a list of companies to target and then find the head of the department that I want to apply to on LinkedIn and message him/her. This was a good suggestion although you had to be connected to most to directly send messages. Anyhow I managed to bag an interview with this method. BTW that interview took the grand total of all the interviews I’ve given to three. 3 three months!! Ugh..So 3 is definitely not my lucky number — maybe 4 is :D..Thinking back to the last interview and after an awesome pep talk by Jaggi and Sweta I don’t think I should have taken the shit the interviewer gave me for not knowing “web analytics” and “web technology”.  I tend to become meek if I feel the interviewer has an upper hand. Plus they should mentioned in advance there will be a written test.  I read about all that web stuff for 2 hours today and I could have actually cracked that stupid test. What was the point of the test if I could do that in 2 hours? All these things which you can learn on the job shouldn’t come in the way of giving someone employment. What about the interest to learn?? Grrr..
So yeah, right now I’m continuing all the above tactics.  I am also looking at internships because frankly 3 months is a long time and I don’t want it to be a completely unproductive unbelievably long “vacation”.  And incredibly, I want exposure and I really want to learn ..and I really don’t care too much for high CTCs.

Any other ideas for catching a break?? (Not literally since I am on a break already, but you know..get a job kinda thing!?)


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