Any good news?

Two years into marital bliss and  one question which follows us around consistently – “Any good news?” Aargghh. It is a constant lecture that you have to listen to wherever you go from whomsoever is present about the importance of a family and why is it that you haven’t started one. (Ofcourse like-minded friends don’t ask these questions because they are in all probability going through the same thing!) Before I got married, the one question which stalked me at all times was “When are you getting married?”..especially since I had been going out with Atul for a long time and somehow every relative – near and distant and their near and distant ones – knew about it!  And much to my surprise, the next stage of questioning began almost immediately after my honeymoon like the only reason we would go for one was to propagate our progeny! 🙂

Okay so I’m not really the devil woman who can’t stand kids..I am in all agreement that there should be a kid to entertain us at home, but in due course of time. I feel I’m too young (mentally and emotionally not chronologically ;)) to handle all that responsibility. I feel I’m just getting started with the fun part of my life.  There should be atleast 5 years of that right??? 😀 I don’t mean to sound selfish but what about all the impromptu movies we go to or the sudden dinner plans that we have. What about those long poker nights and the entire days of mindless television watching?  and days that I can get off without entering the kitchen even for a minute??? Sighh..Okay yes fine I am a selfish “witch” (On a side track..Have you noticed how the word bitch gets converted to “witch” on the subtitle tracks on all english movies on tv? And asshole becomes jerk..and shit becomes now back to my egocentric monologue)..Don’t I need to “grow up” first to raise children ? What about finances and all of that which the kid will usurp? Okay am not really serious about the finances part..Not anymore atleast. When I told this to my mom she came up with one more of her famed tamil sayings – When a spoonful of sugar is added to a glass full of milk, the glass doesn’t overflow..Waah Waah..But what if it is not a spoonful of sugar and something else which will make the glass overflow??? Harrr harr..Now I am rambling! (That reminds me of the other jewel she gave me long long back – When cotton and fire are in the same room, it is bound to catch fire! ) I am impressed with how spontaneously my mom comes up with meaningful sayings. Anyhow, so yeah I do want a family and stuff but I want to be ready for it..Or maybe I’ll never be ready and when it happens I’ll just be ready. I don’t know..Some babies are cute and playable but some are sorta annoying and they aren’t toilet trained..Hmmmm..On the other hand, if my parents had thought so much about this whole thing, I might not be writing this blog entry right now so maybe I shouldn’t over-analyse this..Okay apologies for treating this blog like a madwoman’s Dear Diary you need to rant and rave and crib and whine.

So in summary I don’t know if it is a trend or I just happen to make friends with people who think like me but almost all my gal pals are terrified of the whole becoming a mother thing too. So I am not the only insensitive selfish being on earth..And also surprisingly most of their husbands (including mine) claim that they are all ready to become a father..Weird turn of events huh?


5 responses to “Any good news?

  1. hahahaha.. hilarious stuff.. best thing to do is to adopt a 20 yr old qualms of toilet etiquettes, no tantrums..just send him/her to job and be happy ;P u modern girls.. !!

  2. Charu, long time …. Hilarious read. I had a friend who did not comprehend “Any good news” the first time …she simply nodded a no and returned the favor to the fifty+ year old “Any good news on your end?” 😀

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