Okay who said markets are opening up?

I am seriously not getting any of it! The markets are still as closed to me as they were earlier on ..ugh ..Why are companies so bent on experience? I am bugged with this “Do you have experience” question? No I don’t have experience ..BIG DEAL…Experience is soo over-rated! I am sure I can learn fast enough and fresh perspective on things never hurts right? It might do some good I say! okay..phew I think I am done with my ranting for now.

I seem to have nothing else to blog about other than my state of unemployment these days. It is part of my everyday routine to crib about it for an hour atleast, audibly or to myself every day. The rest of the time I spend scouring naukri.com and monster.com for job postings. I have realized that  more often than not more than 2000 of the 2020 applicants who apply to the same post want a CTC less than what I want and thats when the little hope that was flickering gets snubbed royally! I have also developed a new hobby offlate.. Searching for new websites to search for jobs and post my resume. Today I found a  genuinejobs.com (as opposed to fraudjobs.com?) and a simplyjobs.com. So clearly Anywhere and Everywhere is my new motto.

Once or twice a week I get tired of all the googling and searching and decide to chill out watching movies after movies all day..Thank god for television..Oh talking about new hobbies, I’ve also decided to apply for freelancing jobs .. Did you know you can apply to be a mystery shopper? I just did…haha..Also i’ve applied to become a freelancing writer – to get some practise so that some day I’ll author a book 🙂 ..Will sign off now ..Just saying it ..I can’t really sign off on my laptop..tata


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