Finally am back on track with my movie watching

After the hectic core terms and the getting-used-to-different-study-groups terms, I finally got back to my old movie watching obsession. Am finally up-to-date with almost all the movies released. And  i missed giving my’s been a here goes :

My Name Is Khan :  The one thing I loved about My Name is Khan was Shahrukh Khan. I am not normally a fan of his “onscreen” abilities but he was truly adorable with his antics in the movie especially the first half. The “No No..Don’t die..Don’t die..No No” or the “Right now..Yes Now” dialogues were delivered truly into the character. The “Intercourse for Dummies” scene was damn cute. Kajol looked amazingly pretty and had great scope to perform and she did just that. So the first half endears you to Shahrukh and his antics and time passes by pretty quickly..The second half is where the movie takes a beating. I don’t like over-dramatization and I felt TOO many things were happening to Khan and it went on for too long!  Mama Jenny, the hurricane, the arrest, the stabbing, the president – these are just wayyy too many instances to happen to a single man in a period of time. The “We shall overcome” song was more funny than emotional for me. Funny haired Joel can’t possibly make me feel senti for him or anyone when he’s there with his hair like that 🙂 .. Overall, if the second half was 30 minutes shorter with more subtle happenings, the movie would have been way way wayyy better



Karthik Calling Karthik : Okay you have to watch this movie if you are a Deepika Padukone fan. Her acting wasn’t too bad and her smart office clothes were to die for! Farhan akhtar was his usual awesome self. The plotline wasn’t that good, but since there was an element of suspense and I happened to guess what the “suspense” was earlier on, I felt so proud of myself for having guessed it that I ended up enjoying the movie, half congratulating myself. The first half of the movie where Farhan turns from geek to legendary is light and funny. The parts with Deepika especially are really cute. Second half starts dragging a bit. There could have been some explanation given for Farhan’s condition in the movie. But there’s some humour sprinkled in and there are some good creepy moments too. The songs are alll amazing. So overall it wasn’t so bad.



Road movie : I can’t miss any movie with Abhay deol. So obviously went in with a lot of expectations..The plot itself is pretty flimsy especially in the first half. We can just see Abhay deol, as Vishnu drive this suffocating truck through the parched deserts of Rajasthan. And in the summer, when you come to escape the outside heat, such a movie  becomes even more unbearable. And the gross moments when Abhay deol answers nature’s call complete with the disgusting sound effects just din’t add to the appeal of the movie..ewww.. So Vishnu agrees to deliver a friend’s truck to some place along with movie screening equipment. The movie is about the “road” trip he undertakes. He picks up a smart young chai-boy, really fat mechanic Satish Kaushik and by the second half, a local village lass who gives them water when they really needed it.  The movie is probably about how “movies” bring happiness to people and how it unites all, but it din’t really come through for me. The first half, which was just 50 minutes seemed to drag on forever and I managed to pass time only by snacking on everything possible :). I liked the second half since it was eventful – the water mafia and how Vishnu sells his father’s “tel” bottles to the mafia was a bit far fetched but well its a movie. The mela, the movie screenings, the end of the road trip were all enjoyable to watch.


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