Evolution of Ambition

You know how from when we are kids, we have ambitions – that of becoming  a doctor, a truck-driver or pole-dancer..u know the likes..When I was a kid, I was obsessed with being a teacher, probably because my mom was one.I used to arrange all my dolls like they are in a class and then give them all sheets of paper and conduct dictation tests. I used to write with different handwriting on each one of those sheets and used to take care that only my best doll has all the answers right. 🙂 I then used to collect all of them later and correct them like a teacher and give special gifts to the doll which came first..sigh..those simple days (crap..do I sound like a really lonely child?)
Soon after those initial 7-8 years of my life, along with becoming a teacher, I also wanted to become an astronaut (Going to the moon sounded terribly exciting) and an airhostess (they used to look really smart!) somewhere along the way. By the time I was 14 years old, I suddenly became fixated with becoming an “astrophysicist”  for the sole reason that Chain Reaction was the last movie I saw and the heroine was an astrophysicist. But somehow I maintained this ambition for a pretty long time (2 years) announcing to everyone i knew , family and friends that being an astrophysicist was my life’s sole ambition. I promptly mugged up the description and substantiated my career choice but of course I knew that it was just a super impressive name for a job 🙂 .Anyways, along with the main astrophysicist ambition, there were the usual side-kick ambitions – newsreader , journalist, professional badminton player, television actress (I always desired to be onscreen vamp) . I am surprised (actually not so much!) that never as a kid did I once say, mein engineer banoongi (and it’s not because hindi was not my mother tongue :)) . During my 11th and 12th, I was pretty much swayed by anything I saw on TV. Scrubs made me want to become a doctor but then the thought of dissecting rats in the biology lab put me off  completely (although I am still open to non-invasive branches of medicine :D). Sport-related movies gave me a big itch to become a professional sportsperson.Engineering is such an unglamorous profession compared to all my others but I had to put all those glamorous ambitions on hold while doing my engineering. Even while in college, I wanted to become  a writer (If Chetan Bhagat can, then anyone can!) for a while. But ofcourse I finally ended up in a job with zero bling-bling – coding in an electronic design automata company, which is a fancy name for a software company which makes products for chips (like silicon ones).

Five years into a working career and after an MBA from ISB, I would have expected myself to mature a bit and stick to a single career ambition, but even here with the variety of courses, projects I do, speaker sessions  I attend my career ambitions swings wildly. Every once in a while I’ll call Atul and say “The consumer behaviour prof is awesome, I think I should do a PhD in consumer research” or “Brand management is so exciting, I am made to be a brand manager” or even ” I went to this hospital today, I think healthcare will be perfect fit for me” or “I’m not getting a job, I think I should start my own company”.

So as is very visible , along with my age  my brain certainly doesn’t seem to have matured. I like to have all these fantasy ambitions – seeing myself as brand manager or tv anchor or wearing suits doing business development. But I’m  guessing I’ll end up someplace which just might not have any connection whatsoever to all my previous ambitions!


6 responses to “Evolution of Ambition

  1. Jokes apart, I guess this is one of the problems of being quite good/smart, that you do anything pretty reasonably well (i.e. to the satisfaction of your bosses/surpassing the expectations of your peers). At the risk of sounding cliched, I guess you must do what you enjoy most (ignoring all detractors!). In that case, even when things don’t go well (as they often do!), you will at least be enjoying work rather than thinking of what could have been…

    Good luck!

  2. I think i sortta know your true calling…. CCH (the chief creative head)…. only that can do justice to all the ideas you are forever abounding with. :)….

    We have to start our company…

  3. hola charu,
    u took the words outta my mouth, or my fingertips, wateva.
    im at the exact spot that you r in, guess its themid 20’s crisis

  4. “I then used to collect all of them later and correct them like a teacher and give special gifts to the doll which came first..sigh..those simple days (crap..do I sound like a really lonely child?) ”

    ..LONELY CHILD !!! ??//?… you had and still have a BROTHER !! …I used to raid your classroom …

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