The last mile at ISB

So the last term of ISB begins today. I cannot believe how time flew. It feels like just yesterday when I felt like time stretchesss endlessly in front of me before I get out of this place. The one thing I’ll miss terribly about ISB? The housekeeping ofcourse 🙂 ..Seriously..who is going to make my bed and clean my room and arrange my shoes everyday? sigh.. Okay okay and I’ll also miss terrribly the kick-ass friends I made here 🙂 

Anyways, sometimes I wonder if it was the right choice to come here now after 5 years of work-ex to find my “calling”. I thought i found it..So I applied to all the companies non-IT ones initially for that role..but well they din’t seem to think it was my calling! Plus I was a bit too old to be startin afresh. Then I started applying to the same role in IT-companies but guess what? At ISB, there will always be someone else with more relevant experience than you , so well that got me nowhere either….So after day “8” of placements, I’m still blissfully unemployed and I don’t find it that disconcerting. It was my fantasy earlier on to get into a company with 1) big buildings with atleast 3-4 floors and a lift 2) atleast 1000 employees ..So now slowly I am relaxing all my criterias and willing to work for any company, small or big that will give me the role I want. I think thats fair enough. The biggies don’t wanna experiment and take an “already carved” stone to re-carve but smaller ones are open enough to take that leap of faith. So crossing my fingers and hoping that it is true 🙂

Apart from the job scene, I want to have fun this term again. I’ve sort totally disconnected myself from the “parteh” scene off late and its not because of the unemployment, really. I don’t feel as badly about it as some of my friends do and who refuse to party till I find a job.  Guys, its okayyyyy..I can party with or without a job..:)

It was a great journey at ISB. Whenever I tell Atul that it wasn’t worth the money since I don’t have my “shift”n career yet, he says he’s seen some personality changes in me which is absolutely worth all the investment.For one, I can make good presentations, I am not scared to go in front of 70 people and talk. I have become more confident as a person and have some faith in my own abilities now.So yayy..


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