1..2..Term 3! Here Already!

Before I could blink and rub my eyes, I have reached term 3 here at ISB! Its amazing how time just zooms past you. So what’s been going on so far???

To start off, term 1 was interesting. I was overflowing with child-like enthusiasm to be doing something other than “coding” . I thought every subject was “interesting” and so much better than subjects during my engineering days. I did most of the pre-reads, read cases with fervour , “mulled” over them, discussed it with my quaddies and I even opened my mouth occasionally for the only CP (class participation) course we had. At the beginning of term1 accounting was my favourite subject, microeconomics was very interesting, marketing was “not really a faff” course and stats was not tooo bad..well..okay stats was never on my “like” list! But by the end of term 1,  I was just about beginning to ask myself  “Hmm So Is MBA really my calling” ??? Accounting became a “well its not so bad that I don’t want to go into FIN” sorta subject , micro economics would have been interesting if It was taught around 100 times slower, marketing became better with John Zhang’s classes although my CP came down to zilch and stats (and those horribly dreaded quizzes) well just plain sucked! One interesting quality I discovered about myself was this latent ability to party till the wee hours of the morning! I never considered myself a “party-animal” but after coming here, I have been telling myself “what the heck..I DESERVE to parteh the hell outta today” !! . On the extra-curricular upside, My badminton totally picked up and I was going for it pretty regularly and was loving it. So overall term 1 wasn’t too bad. I still thought I learnt something in that 1 month

Then came term2 ! To add to the miseries of having 2 CP subjects, we had morning classes now. Our body clocks were tuned to sleeping really late and getting up even later and now we were being forced to make it to class during our “REM” time : 8:15!! Suddenly there was no time to pre-read or do the cases. Mornings were spent in half-slumber, mostly trying  to stay, forget trying to do CP. . I slowly stopped doing cases or reading the pre-reads, somehow the afternoons whizzed by without telling me. By the time  I actually sat down to do something constructive, it was 2:00 in the night and I had to get up early in the morning, so well that was that..Markstrat and DMOP became the buzzwords of the campus. The DMOP assignments and Markstrat ate up most of our time. But to say the least,Markstrat was the only thing about term 2 I liked. The wait after we submitted our decision was extremely excruciating for me. I used to keep refreshing the mailbox to see if the results are in and once  they were, a 2 hour discussion would follow about what went right and what went wrong and how others did and what we should do the next time and etc etc! It was especially fun naming all our products.Fortunately we were firm “A”  and that gave a lot of scope to get creative with the names. We came up with so many cool filmy names for our products – from SAMA to SALA to SALI to SAAS and SAZA!! We even had a VADA and VAFA. 🙂 Wish there were some points for getting creative with names. On the other side, the less said about DMOP the better. This was one course which wouldnt have been half as bad if it was taught over 2 months instead of 1. Comp Strat sucked for me personally mainly because I din’t do the pre-reads and the tension of not doing CP in every class just got to me. So put together all the assignments we had to submit and all the CP I could have done but did not do, all the markstrat decisions we had to spend all that time on, all that DMOP which refused to enter what I used to call my “brain”, the ultimate key takeaways from this term? Hmm ..Rising Alchoholism!! 🙂

Now we are in term 3 ..bleddy 3 CP courses..a minimum of 4 assignment submissions every week and 3 days into the term and I have slept after 5 am on all 3 days. So all in all an interestingly busy start to the term..lets see how this one goes..


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