I know what I Don’t want to do

I entered ISB a completely aimless person (I must have repeated the word “clueless” so many times in my blog, it must be getting irritating so changed it :)). I chose to do a MBA because I thought there will be something in the course of my study will direct me towards my “calling” in life (Whatever THAT is!)..After spending around 10 days here,  listening to alums talk and listening to club presentations,I finally have some clarity in my life. Hurray for that.. I am very focussed now about what I do NOT want to do in life. and that would be Finance and Consulting! I don’t want to join their overcrowded clubs or  maaro desperate CP in class or work 20 hours a day.I don’t want  that “dog’s life” that the fin/consults alums keep promising us about.(Wait a minute, why do they call it a dog’s life anyhow. All the dogs I know are really chilled out in life man..They eat,sleep and play! Maybe it should be Donkey’s life).Anyhow what I am saying is I want to live MY life not some burdened animal’s sad life.I want to be cool..chilled..bindaas..the whole work-life balance thingy.Too much to hope for after giving 20 lakhs I guess???  I know this still leaves me with some 7-8 options but well I am atleast 2 down!  

Another thing I like about being here is that classes have started. No I don’t like the fact that I have to go for classes, but I like that there will be subjects which you can relate to or atleast think, oh yeah this happens in real life.I mean compare it  to my engineering days, when I either slept in my room and missed class or slept in the class and things like Electromagnetic engineering and RFs and Analog communication totally went over my head,I can actually “understand” the accounting I am being taught. Or maybe  since this is the LKG waala Accounting class,I find it interesting and relatable. Plus Atul is my MBA guru who I am counting on to give fundas and crashers and drill things into my head (He better since I already hold a grudge against him for not doing it in Kharagpur!! ;)) Time will tell how much I can relate to courses like “statistical methods of decision making” and those type of courses, but for now, all’s well.


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