I have finally escaped the “coding” world :) ..(I hope!!)

It’s funny how life turns out. Two years back I couldnt even have dreamed of going to ISB , more so when I got married I never thought I could take a decision with my “head” and not my heart (poor atul!) , and today here I am sitting in my SV on my newly formatted laptop in ISB a week after joining it! The first week was Orientation Week thankfully, so you sorta get to know people before you are pushed in the whirlpool of academics with everyone. I have had such a  good time  that I wish the whole year had such fun activities.

We started out with treasure hunt on day 1 which was, to say the least, the most “sun” I’ve  had in the last 4 years . My group was pretty chilled out so I had a pretty goood time. But trust me when I say this, the burning hyd sun is no fun and roasts you like a chickun (waah waah for my rhymes ;)) . So anyhow, other than the treasure hunt, day 1 and 2 were pretty daunting for me.I was meeting all these sooper accomplished people (atleast they all say they are ;)) who were all so confident and dominating and talked too much (or so I felt then, now probably people think that about me too 🙂 ) .Being a slow starter, I was totally intimidated and kept thinking Nobody will be my friend..(The song that kept playing at the back of my head —> Lonelyyyyyy…I am so Lonelyyyyy…I have nobodyyy ..I’m on my ownnn..eeee)sniff…I think I totally Psyched my husband out by sobbing on the phone to him about how lonely I was here..hehe..But now I have seriously warmed up to the place and the people. My quaddies (with whom I’m sharing a flat) are great and our wavelengths match, so atleast I am comfortable and happy coming back “home”. There is a good chunk of people who hate the most overused, sooper abused word “networking” (Thank god for small mercies!!) Apart from the whole socialising thing, We have also been having loads of presentations and some serious gyan overload, right from ASA to CAS to finance club to the flying club to CCA (Yup, I’ve become good at the TLA’s now — which is Three Letter Acronyms for the uninitiated ;)). After all that, I am completely confused with regards to what I should do, which club I should join and all that. Every  club presentation I listen to, I suddenly have the urge to go into that field. So as of now I am interested in Energy, Infrastructure, Marketing, Social Sector and Media!! Good to have diverse interests I suppose?  Three Cheers for everlasting confusions!! hip hipppp hurray 😉

The most recent activity we had was the talent nite, which was sooper fun. I was first trying to get away from doing nething since Atul will be down here that time, but somehow ended up being part of the funnest,most energtic TAM song , Appadi podu podu…After which I got a kutti role in the fashion show too, which involved playing twinkle khanna and pulling “akshay kumar”‘s nada..okay weird thing to say so I am shutting up!! I was afraid someone will file a obscenity case against me tooo 😉 haha. Least to say, this whole week’s been one huge awesome party and I’ve had a blast.

Speaking of parties, it’s just been 8 days here and we have already had 3 of those famous ISB page 3 parties ;)..Page 3 because of all the PYTs (I am just continuing to show off my TLA knowledge ;))  who make an appearance there! I feel old, fat, ugly and overdressed in these parties. Ofcourse nothing the vodka doesnt take care of.  :)..Also we have all heard the saying “There’s no such thing as free lunch”. ISB epitomises that. We have to buy the booze with coupons you get by standing in queues 🙂 ..Hehe.Not that I expect the institution to pay for my drinking, but I’d have been happier if they just cut if off our mess bills or watever..But the mantra in ISB when it comes to spending is  ” I have paid 20 lakhs already, a few hundreds pale in comparison” 🙂

Time to wrap up, pre-terms are starting today. I am feelin sad that orientation is over and I actually have to study, but as my husband says “Shut up and study, you’ve not paid 20 lakhs to party!!” ..That sword will forever( 1 year i.e)  hang over our heads and force us to study I guess.sighhhhh



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