Stories from my childhood

Its good I wrote this 25 random things about me. It’s given me so many topics I can post about. Anyhow, so I wanted to elaborate more on my #12. I can’t lie, not with a straight face atleast ! I could never play pranks on people because of this..Even for harmless lies, I break into giggles :( …Although before the age of 10, it was the opposite (All those who know abt my slightly “psycho” past will vouch for this ;) ) Okay calling myself “psycho” is not exactly very flattering, so let me change that into my “attention seeking behaviour” durin my childhood :).And it lasted for around 3 years while we were in Coimbatore.

My antics have ranged from telling the girl sitting next to me in class that I am related to Aamir Khan (Yea Seriously!!) to Hiding my dad’s shaving kit in the mornings to borrowing my brother’s glasses so that i can show off at school!

My earliest memory of this “attention seeking behaviour” of mine would be from my 2nd standard — wearing my brother’s glasses to school and acting like it was mine. I don’t know why but I thought wearing glasses would shoot me to instant coool-dom :). (okay I confess I used to think this till the time I was forced to actually wear glasses every day ..i.e last year!) So there I was walking half blind in school just so that people think I am I didnt do this very often since well..u know..seeing through them was a problem..:)

I also used to , at times, take random pills from the medicine cabinet and take them to school, acting like I needed to take those pills..I somehow don’t remember if I popped them all into my mouth, but I definitely used to show off the multicolored pills in my lunch box..(Mom-Dad if you are reading this, no cause for alarm, I am normal now! :D) I have no inkling why I thought being blind and sick and all that would make me famous 😉

So apart from pretending I was half-blind and  a perenially-pill-popping-sick girl, I once lied to my parents about bagging the “heroine” part of a play which I distinctly remember — “The Princess Who Wanted The Moon”. I claimed to my parents that I was the princess. They came to the show expectantly searching for their daughter – the princess and there I was sitting quietly in one corner of the stage, with not even a single dialogue to say. Infact, I was offered the speaking minister’s role but I couldn’t manage to say those 2 lines and was demoted to the mum minister’s role..sigh..My parents had a good laugh over their fibbing “princess”‘s antics. One more “fib” which remains firmly etched in my memory (Thanks to my parents reminding me of that and laughing over it every now and then) is when I told everyone in class my mom just gave birth to my new baby brother…lol..I am guessing I was jealous of this other girl, who just had a new arrival in her house which promptly led me to fib. It was a very embarassing cover-up when her mom congratulated my mom for it and I had to claim that I was referring to my cousin brother! It’s funny that when we accidentally met my friend’s mom over 12 years later, she STILL vividly remembered and referred to that incident ! It was very embarassing..gosh..why why do ppl have to remember!?

Apart from harmless fibbing, I also used to hide things : My dad’s shaving kit, mom’s make up.Once I sneakily hid some guest’s  shoes in this common bathroom which was there in my building. They got out of the house to go back and couldnt find their shoes.They were searching for it all over and there I was standing looking oh-so-innocent.My mom gave me one look and figured out it was me (given my history of hiding other things :).).hehee..thankfully we had a dog (a.k.a scapegoat) that time and my mom promply blamed poor Bittu for hiding it. And she had me go with the dog to figure out it’s hiding place and get back their shoes :)..Phew..Am guessing those guests wouldnt have returned if they knew there was a sneaky little elf who hid things

Anyhow lets just skim over all the harmless fibbing and hiding I did and go to the grand finale : I had just moved to Riyadh to a new school with new people all around me. My first day in school, I was in 5th standard and  seated next to this girl named Ghousia (the poor unsuspecting lamb). In conversation, I came to know that her favourite actor was Aamir Khan (well, so was mine). So I let it slip in that my cousin sister is married to Aamir Khan and that I have met him and all that. She seemed suspicious at first but then warmed up to the idea seeing how earnestly I was talking. Anyhow, so I dont know what happened to me when I got back home that day, but I felt terribly guilty lying about this whole Aamir Khan business. This had never happened to me before (i.e that i felt so guilty) , so I wrote her a letter the next day — “Dear Ghousia, I am sorry but I lied yday. In truth, Aamir Khan is not related to me (as much as I would have liked him to be ;))”. Ofcourse after reading it she gave me a weird look and never mentioned it again and I dont remember if she continued to sit next to me either! But somehow I lived truthfullly ever after…

Analysing my behaviour over the years, I have figured out probably why I acted like that and that too only while we were in Coimbatore. So its like my parents were somehow realllly busy in Coimbatore. Dad worked soooper hard and overtime and all that. Mom used to be a teacher AND take tuitions at home in the evenings.So i’m guessing I dint get as much attention as I craved and once we shifted to Riyadh, Mom worked in the same school as us and Dad used to come back from office by 5:00 . So I suddenly got enough attention from home to not crave it from outside. Or there wasa somethiing in the coimbatore Air 🙂 …All said and done,  I don’t hide things me..Am not fibbingg…seriouslyyy 😉


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