25 random things about me

In the spirit of the tagging going around on facebook, these are 25 random thngs about me ! 🙂

1. I am always talking about dieting and exercising but am actually too lazy to do it…
2. I still remain clueless about what I want from life..career wise. I just can’t figure out what I am good at..:) I think I should choose one profession per year and keep doing this till i find my “calling”..Although think about it, at the age of 45 if I discover my calling is gymnastics..it will be pretty difficult switching to it dont u think?

3.I am pretty “non-controversial”(a.k.a boring) and avoid confrontations like the plague (except with people closest to me..like my poor husband atul :D)..
4. I am just not a phone person, because of which I stay in touch only with the friends I see online 😦 ..So umm..people out there call me instead of waiting for me to call you 😉 !
5. I never changed jobs for 5 years because of sheer laziness
6. I adore dogs and dream about keeping one some day, but its such a big commitment that I don’t really see it happening. Where are all the pet care centers which were supposed to open up!??
7. I am scared that now I that I have gotten into ISB, I’ll be one of the least focussed persons in there and noone will give me a job!! ..

8. I never liked to cook, but off late I’ve realised I actually don’t mind cooking, but get bored of “normal and routine” cooking very fast. I would rather try out some new unknown cuisine’s recipe than make dal and sabji and the likes

9. I don’t like people who don’t respond to me while I am talking..

10. As I am growing older, I realise I add new categories to ‘people I don’t like” everyday. Gone are those days, when I used to wear rose glasses and like everyoneee I meet..

11. I am a movie freak and can watch ANY movie ..even if it got like 1/2 a star from the “critics”.I’d go anyway to see “HOW bad it could possibly be”

12. I can’t lie, not with a straight face atleast ! I could never play pranks on people because of this..Even for harmless lies, I break into giggles :(…Although before the age of 10, it was the opposite (All those who know abt my slightly “psycho” past will vouch for this ;)) …

13. I used to maintain a crush list when I was in 8th standard…and it was a list of all the people I apparently had a crush on and NONE of them were “real” people I knew (i.e it was a celebrity crush list) and it STILL crossed 200 or so!

14. My heart feels lighter when I go on treks and look at the greenery and nature in all its splendour. I love taking in the sights and the unpolluted air ..

15. Working from home, I don’t work all that much but feel guilty about it all the time. I can’t wait for the time when I do timepass and NOT feel guilty about it 🙂

16. I feel I am a very optimistic person except when it comes to me myself and I, in which case I get pretty negative. Yeah I think I have some sort of inferiority complex when it comes to my “work” or career or where I’m going in life. But other than that, I am little miss sunshinee…really

17. I cannot imagine what life was like before I got married anymore. Ofcourse life without Atul was difficult to imagine even 6 years back…but being married is different and awesome (for me atleast ..:)) Oh I don’t know how I will survive one whole year without him now…ughh..grrr..

18. I don’t think I can keep my house spotlessly clean ever! Somehow my standard of “neatness” never matches with neone..I always felt my room was clean but my mom used to get a fit everytime she saw it. I think ignorance is bliss 🙂

19. Coming to “ignorance is bliss”, when I go out, I choose to ignore everything thats ‘bad’, like perverts and eve-teasers and all that. I don’t even hear cheap comments (which I presume must have been passed sometime or the other in my life)..It makes life simpler and nicer!

20. Sometimes I feel I have a women’s liberation/women’s equality andolan sitting inside me. It comes out at odd moments and I am constantly surprised by how “male-dominated” our society still is.Some things will never change I guess…

21. Even though I am always sooper excited about the thought of going Partying and all that,once I do hit the disc/pub, I get bored in 30 min max and cant wait to get back home.

22. My “calling” in life keep changing. For eg, After Chak De India, I wanted to be a hockey player. Watching “Scrubs” makes me feel like I would have been a good doctor..Watching good Ads makes me think I should be into advertising..Reading good books makes me want to be a writer..ahem…(Also refer to #2)

23. I’ve always had “best friends” at every stage in my life, in every city that I moved to, and surprisingly am in touch with all of them from Primary school. although not TOO much in touch because of #4 😦

24. I need variety in my life, be it soaps, shampoos, perfumes, food.. I can’t use the same thing for too long, it actually bugs me (But not very surprisingly, I am extremely loyal, and have been in love with the same guy, Atul for 8.5 years now..touch wooodd :)).

25. I actually thought I was too boring to have 25 things to “write” about and now can’t believe I actually came up with 24 things. When at #10, I was actually thinking of making this a “10 random things about me” post..


4 responses to “25 random things about me

  1. “I am scared that now I that I have gotten into ISB, I’ll be one of the least focussed persons in there and noone will give me a job!!”

    deiiiiii…….congrats daaa when r u joining? its a big loss to EDA!!

    next time i come to hyd, i know where to catch u..

  2. “…I have gotten into ISB…”

    Why don’t you share your experiences about getting into ISB? I guess there are not many who had made into the ISB…

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