My eternal quest to find an aerobics class in kolkata!

It’s funny how all these “fitness” classes in Kolkata go out of the way to proclaim that they are “NOT” aerobic classes. It’s like doing Aerobics here is unthinkable..some sort of “sacrilege”! Soumen’s Workout gloated “No no this is NOT aerobics..This is much better”..Another class I joined at solace also gloated “Aaha..You are lucky you came here and not to some “Aerobics” class’…I wonder why…maybe it doesn’t suit the bengali physique? Aah..god knowss..

Anyways continuing this “journey” of mine —– Soumen’s workout din’t really work out for me :)..I went for 3 weeks that too with a lot of self-motivation because those classes just couldnt do enough of that!! It was slow,boring and repetitive and To add to all this, they hardly ever put on the music..I can’t workout while hearing ek-dui-tin-char—-aat–ulti di –saat bla bla…To their credit, they did switch on the music system once in while..and It would repetitively play Michael Jackson..Beat It and Heal The World..LoL! Try exercising to Heal the world and see how far you get!..So yeah that led to the demise of “soumen’s workout’ for me..

I took a break for 2-3 months before I started my search once again. This time I landed up in Solace Day Spa and Wellness Center (in Sunny Park, Ballygunge) , this high-end place which looks all swanky and nice..Although on google it said “aerobics in solace”, when I went there I found out they DONT offer aerobics but something called “body balancing and Pilates”. I decided to try out for it and see what they got. I signed up for a 8 classes ka package, 1400 Rs for that (10 Classes – 1600 Rs, 12 Classes a month – 1800 Rs).Its taken by this very lithe lady, a fitness instructo, Mrinalini Mukherjee who looks and is as flexible as a 25 year old (But is more than a decade older)..I got motivated to sign on just by looking at her! :)..She had an awesomely clear complexion , not to mention the fact that she looked fit and toned! Anyhow moving on to WHAT she teaches,it was basically like an advanced yoga class. Warmup session in the beginning included doing “Surya Namaskars” around 5-6 times and I was surprised how sweaty THAT got to me. With that done, she followed it up with the “body balancing” routines, flowy moves designed to improve your flexibility and strengthen some parts of your body. This just proved to be further testimony to my “unfit” body — I couldn’t balance myself on my 2 hands and 2 legs without them buckling under all that weight ! I was discouraged but the other girls in the class said things will get better with time and it DID..The next class I was successful in supporting myself but just BARELY !! My hands and legs were involuntarily trembling like a 90 year old woman’s! After 2-3 classes, I started feeling better about myself although there were some moves Mrinalini used to do which had me just gaping at her not having the guts to even attempt! She used to balance herself on one hand and one leg…with the other leg in…no can do that! Sadly after 5 classes, I had some guests and then had to go out of station, so that was the end of my tryst with “body balancing”. I loved the class but feel that to really get the benefits of this class, you should already be fit..This class cannot make you fit from a completely unfit chump, but it can help you be fitter and reach the pinnacles of fitness ONCE you are half way there! 🙂

So I’ve had 2 half hearted attempts at “working out” in Kolkata.Both interrupted by my travel schedule (1st year of my marriage and all that!). Once you are out of the “groove”, its very difficult to go back to it :(..Anyhow I begin my 3rd attempt tomm with Indira Anklesaria’s Calorie Burn Center (Lovelock Place) (I do wish they had a nicer cooler name though, but what’s in a name huh?:))..I finally found someone who said “We do aerobics” without feeling apologetic about it!! Phew. I like the flexibility they offer in terms of number of classes you choose to come (The rate is around 200 Rs per class). Let’s wait and watch how this one turns out.. Wish me luck..

To a THINNER and FITTER new ME …Cheers


19 responses to “My eternal quest to find an aerobics class in kolkata!

  1. Hi
    Liked ur write up .. I was contemplating on joining soumens.. but ur review surely leading me to think twice. There used to be a very good aerobics classes by reva puri at 18dover road. ofcourse the classes now are taken by instructors..but they were very good. For aerobics u need stamina and that comes only by doing it regularly ..else tend to put back all the pounds back… hope to hear on how your new find is.

  2. Hi,

    Thnx for the inputs. VLCC has introduced aerobics. U can check that out. And they actually advertise it as aerobics. I was planning to join soumen’s workout. But your mail writing has got me thinking. Maybe I shouldn’t after all.

  3. hey saswati…thanks a lot..I am glad VLCC hs started. I have been going for Indira’s aerobics and I can vouch for it.Its awesome. Fast paced and offers variety..You can try that

    • Hi,

      Actually landed here searching for some aerobics classes in Kol, but got around to reading other stuff as well…

      You see I am also going thru the throes of a job search, I am also an MBA ( VGSOM, IIT kgp).. so got me hooked here….

      Could you pls provide me with Indira Ankelseria’s (Calorie Burn Center ) number?


      • Hi Smita, Sorry I don’t have Indira’s number anymore.. And how did your job hunt go? Hope it had better results than mine..I did my undergrad from IIT KGP btw so one more “connection” there 🙂

  4. I was looking for some info on Soumen’s in Guwahati and came across your writeup. Very nice and to the point and I can surely understand your woes as I am also in the eternal quest to loose a few kilos and find the right exercise. Your opinion on Soumen’s music choice sure does put a lot of doubt about joining there, provided I can locate them first. Good luck on keeping fit.

  5. Hi there,

    Liked your post very much…..I’ve read abt Indira’s in Femina and am actually motivated to join…would like to speak to you abt yr experience ….I mean if you dont mind…..

  6. I read the above comments, and I agree Reva Puri’s Gym at Dover Road is still one of the best in Kolkata. She does provide guidance and the cardio exercises are definitely helpful.

  7. Thank you very much….. for saving my money …… I was planning to send my wife to Soumen’s Workout…. after reading your comments will never send her.

  8. I am so glad people are motivated to not join Soumen’s ..because of me :D..Indira’s Classes were amazing. I loved them and they kept you motivated throughout the class. Am sorry though that I don’t have Indira’s number anymore. Do try your luck with Google.

  9. Could you kindly share the phone number of Indira Anklesaria’s classes ? I have been searching for such kind of class for long.

    Thanks for the informational blog.


  10. Thanks a lot to all u guys there ,

    I was about to send my wife to Soumen’s Classes now I won’t

    Regards to all

  11. hallo,

    Got an idea of how ‘soumen’s workout’ functions…! Have been thinking of joining aerobics classes, but was dilly-dallying for a while ‘coz i cudnt zero in on one particular aerobic centre. From your inputs, i blv i’ll have to choose btwn indira’s or reva puri’s classes. But what i really wanted to know is, how much will it cost me. As i am still a student, so was wondering if i cud manage it from my pocket money. Would be nice if u cud give me an idea. Thanks.

  12. Soumen das (owner of soumens workout)
    home address….
    satyen apartment,
    47, mandir road, gorabazar,
    dum dum cant, kolkata – 700028
    contact directly and lodge a complain at dum dum police station. He do similar case at ranchi also. He is nothing but a fraud.

  13. Hi, Can someone please help us with the address of Indira Anklesaria’s Calorie Burn Center & Reva Puri’s Gym??

  14. Your comments are awesome.What going to the gym should be– small classes, informed workouts, challenging without being ridiculous, and a dedicated, personable instructor.
    I weigh normal, I feel fit, do all the house hold routines everyday, walk an hour a day, still my jeans of 28 doesn’t fit me which used to fit just 8 months before my wedding. Truthfully I still don’t like working out but now I actually sort of look forward to going to the gym.
    Your comments have saved my time thinking about which gym I should be heading forward to.

  15. did you come up with that name …mysteriously muddled….matters…
    just got here searching for a good pilates class in town….lol ing @ ur page title now..wondering what broght on the m&m&mm…cascade..;P

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