What has marriage done to me?

The title is not a hair-pulling frustrated rhetorical “WHAT has marriage DONE to me” but a nicer happier actual query “what has MARRIAGE done to me?”

I have no idea what’s happened to me after I got married..I could very well see that I have put on weight like crazy but it was a revelation to me that I have become completely unfit ? (Those two you think HAS to be related but I always nursed the thought I was fat but fit :)) Beat this : I played table tennis for 15 minutes with Atul the other day which included the normal bends to pick up the ball whenever it went somewhere, and VERY surprisingly the next day I was groaning in pain -> my whole body was aching right from my neck to arms to my bum to my legs.I never thought the day will come when TT will be more strenuous for my body than my normal “sitting in my rotating chair” routine. I’d understand if it was badminton but TT!! Hell I am unfit.I’ve also found from my “general” survery that women lose all forms of self-control once they get married atleast for the initial 7-8 months.Take for example.ME : I have always had a fascination for pastries and chocolate mousse and the likes and there were so many days in the past (before wedding) when I had the “mousse craving” and I used to satisfy myself just looking at pictures of it on google images. But Google images just don’t do enough for me anymore! Looking at those pictures has the opposite effect on me now. It pushes me towards the oh-so-delicious blackforest cake at the nearest Kookie jar or the yummy chocolate mousse at Biscotti forcing me to buy it and PUT it in my mouth at once…Aah thats heaven..you know just writing about it is making me want one real bad…But I wouldn’tt blame “marriage” as such for putting on weight. It’s just the consequent effects .Like I moved to Kolkata after marriage and have been working from home. In Bangalore, I used to end up walking around a km or so everyday because I NEVER got autos easily, which turned out to be a good thing actually! Plus I had no life really other than office and home where I had “trained” my grandma to make oil-less food :).Here since I work from home, every 40 minutes I get bored and I EAT when I get bored..PLUS I used to go for aerobics regularly..AND this city of “joy” somehow doesn’t have an aerobics class (More on THAT later! :)) So there, maybe it’s not marriage per se , just all the circumstances surrounding it..Whatever it is I’ve resolved to become fitter in 2009 🙂

Another change which has come about is my “blogging” perspective. I used to be so happy writing about obscure topics but now I search for something “informational” to write..So I have written movie reviews, a post on the new bangalore airport, that post on soumen’s workout , then I had something on Durga pooja, then DDA results..See the whole “I give information” thingy going on? Oh gosh. Or maybe I am just growing old.Even when the blogging bug bit me this time,I started with “hyderabad international airport”! And just to counter this whole new ‘funda giving’ me, I wrote this one finally ! Umm Yayy I guess? :)..


One response to “What has marriage done to me?

  1. I dont know why. I dont know how. But I was cut off from the blog world for quite a while. And what better way to start it off than reading Charu’s piece.. Good going 🙂

    Btw, I am just back from some ice skating and I cant find a single muscle thats not aching 😦 Is it really marriage? 😦

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