DDA Housing Scheme 2008 Draw Results

The wait was finally over yesterday. 5 lakh applications for 5000 flats. I knew chances were slim that I make it into the list but I was pinning my hopes on my husband’s “pet” name being LUCKY! :)..Seeing how That dint really work out, I also realised there are reservations for these DDA Flats too!! Some 20% is for SC/ST , 5% for physically handicapped, ex-army men, and war widows. Man I so don’t get the point of having SC/ST reservation here.If you can afford a house worth 45 lakhs, you aren’t in dire need for extra help from the Delhi Development Authority are you!? Anyhow so yeah, we will try next year again or since real estate prices are going down, we might just get that DLF house for cheap! :)..

Am posting the list here, since the stupid Official DDA site is STILL not opening up. After getting around 150 crores as interest, the least they can do is host the file on different servers..Bleddy buggers!



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