Why should we get over all this?

Life in mumbai is apparently back to normal. TOI got one of its journalists to take a gun inside a crowded station in mumbai ,into a crowded train and back and noone detected it..this is 3 days after the mumbai terror attacks. When will our security be revamped? Why should we all be expected to just “get over” it and continue life as if nothing happened? Because something DID happen…call it intelligence lapse, inefficiency of untrained police (with all due respect for the sacrifice they made) or sheer madness by the terrorists..The number flashing on the screen always has always been just a number, “100 killed in Mumbai”, ” 200 killed in Assam” but this time around, one of those 180 something killed was someone I knew,and suddenly I felt the pain that comes from all this..For the first time I broke down in office while reading the news.If I was feeling that much pain and frustration, I can’t begin to imagine what his near and dear ones were feeling..Its heart wrenching and I know that whatever I can say will not ease the pain and it just feels inadequate…

It was the first time probably that so many of the 5 star hotel staying “elite” were affected.If there was something remotely not-evil in all of this, it was the fact that the backlash that followed against the politicians was from this sizeable “elite” of our country. This huge chunk of people (including me) who have possibly written blogs about the corruption of politicians but never voted before.The chunk who crib about our country’s inefficient police, their outdated lathi sticks fighting with AK 47’s, but have never bothered to get on the voter’s list. I don’t believe in lighting candles to show solidarity or even worse, “wear a white” shirt in remembrance of the mumbai attacks. This will do nothing to/for our country. The need of the hour is revamping security and putting the country’s need before your own and to do this, we need intelligent and sensible people ruling us. I don’t want murderers or thieves who are interested in eating the money meant for our country’s defence to rule us.Do you? The first thing I did after this time’s terrorist attack was to register myself on jaagore.com and I will ,hopefully, be voting atleast by the next elections! Its not enough to say “It will be a choice between the devil and the deep sea”..Because its all a vicious cycle, you don’t vote, the same assholes stand for elections again and again and win by bribery and blackmail.We have the option to cast a “blank” vote (We don’t think any candidate is suitable to be elected) and a sizeable chunk of these blank votes will force them to give us a better candidate to vote for. I am all for Damning these *&%## terrorists and its not like terrorism is taking a backstage, but these attacks have forced us to introspect, see what is going on inside our country and what we have found is just not acceptable. There has been not a single attack in the US after the 9/11, will we be able to maintain those security levels with troublesome neighbours all around us? I certainly hope so..if not for me, then for the generations that will follow us…



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