Hello – Movie Review

Hello! I did not go into the theatre with many expectations since I thought the book was pretty much one of Chetan’s Bhagat’s worst. Not only was the book too “bollywood masalaish”, it also had a weak plot..and the premise the book was based on, ‘the call from god’ is over in  sm 5 minutes! I don’t think that counts as “being based on”..So yeah, the movie did not disappoint me as much since the book had already let me down. So I went with low expectations and expected to be mildly entertained.I was surprised that inspite of Chetan Bhagat being involved in the screenplay, he did not have a say in the “sets”. How ridiculous those funny shaped tables in that 5 star hotel ambience looked..I don’t think its too much to expect them to design a “Call-center” look alike set..all you need is cubicles and for the “larger-than-life” movie, all they had to do was enlarge the cubicles..but no, to make it filmy they had to make them all look like they are sitting in some make shift call center in some hotel lobby!! Another thing which struck me as odd was the casting..When I read the movie I envisioned the “usual” call center crowd..i.e the hip and young – 20-25 yr olds.In this movie though, the cast looked easily some 10 years older.Sharman Joshi could have passed off as a 25 yr old but Sohail Khan??? No way!! He looked like one of those guys who everyone in colleges call “uncle”..There are ofcourse exceptions in every call center..but all of them looked older.You can watch it for the Sharman Joshi – Sohail Khan bits which were entertaining. Sharman Joshi was as expected good.Gul Panang looked really out of place and that cleavage showin top with that jazzy skirt on those “very child bearing friendly” hips looked ridiculous. I’ve seen Gul look so much better in other movies (rather in one other movie..Dor). Amrita Arora was asusual irritating.I think it’s time she loses the Doll kind of makeup. She hardly looked like she was made to do all the house work as a bahu :)..she looked like she spent all her time at kitty parties and beauty parlours. Not to mention the fact that the girl still needs acting lessons. I feel Isha Koppikar would have been a better choice for Radhika..and Amrita as Isha :)..Isha Koppikar could have been given more scope to perform.I did not find anything spectacular about her role or her acting.Military Uncle was good like a supporting cast should be..Sohail Khan’s characters and dialogues was actually cute if only he was 10 yrs younger :)..
Other than these flaws and the weak story line and some logical flaws like how the call center company allows their employees to drive their vehicles without any problem, and their very cliched portrayal of Americans and their problems,the movie was okay :)..I dint get too bored and when the book wasnt that gripping anyways we cant blame Atul Agnihotri..


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