Those 7 Months..

Yeah its been 7 months since I wrote my last post. That is probably the longest time I’ve gone without writing a word here ( even if it meant Starting a draft and never completing it) and WordPress has changed quite a bit. I like the new and improved dashboard which gives direct access to all your drafts and stuff 🙂 Great Job with the look and feel as well…

Anyhow, not tooo many things happened in the last 7 months (sic!).

I made a month long trip to seee the world …

Other than that I got Married finallly to my sweetheart of 7 years…

PLUS I have shifted base from bangalore to kolkata …

Unfortunately, I Dont want to cram all the details of everything I’ve done in one post.So I shall prioritise and write another post shortly.

This one was just to remind ppl to come back to my blog..I miss this..:)


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