Cricket — That Unifying Factor In Our Lives :) :) :)

Aah..Sighh…What A Feeeling..How the heart leaps with Joy when the Indian Cricket team actually win something! It is a such a rare occasion isnt it? People were getting tired of burning effigies and throwing stones at the players houses..;)..The Twenty 20 World Cup and Young INDIA has it in their pocket…Woaahhh…

This new version of cricket, Twenty20 , is reallly exciting and triply interesting..Full of Masala and a fultooo mass entertainer…:) ..With average RPOs of 7, people hitting 6 Sixes in an over and the concept of Bowl Out similar to Penalty shootouts, all give it the right concoction for the fast-food generation that we’ve got goin :)..I am actually wondering if I will be able to watch an ODI with 100 overs after this!!!

So anyways point was, A India-Pakistan cricket match makes everyone seem so sporting , cooperative , fun and sooo much nicer.Consider my previous feelings towards Auto drivers (Ranging from Seething Fury to Extreme Dissapointment in mankind), And Imagine Me going in an auto , talking amiably to the auto driver, Sharing scores (I was getting minute by minute commentary about Pakistan’s innings by ISD call from my parents and the Auto driver, whose name was Sriraju btw , had overheard the first conversation) , talking about the Potential of Rohit Sharma, Praising RP Singh’s prowess with the ball ..all with my New friend Mr.Sriraju (aka Auto Driver :)) .Oh and yes All this was interspersed with screams of Joy from both Me and Driver, when India took their first 2 wickets :)..After which I had to get down..sadly..Sigh..and to top it all He happened to be one of the “good” auto drivers (very very our victory;)) If only people were so sweet everyday..Everyone on the road seemed to be rushing home to watch the match and there were motorcyclists who stopped and asked my auto driver the score instead of directions :)..And earlier that day , the whole office (that would be the 10 of us i.e) were animatedly discussing cricket in the lunch room and everyone in the office stopped working at 5:30 sharp (that was actually a PlANNED thing) and gathered in our “conference” room to watch the match on tv..There was chips (Slurpp), there was beer and there was a whole lot of “betting” on what score India will make! See? There’s somethiing about cricket that makes auto drivers Friendly, managers angelic , bosses – a whole lot MORE fun and the whole world a very very rOsy place ! 🙂


PS : I should mention though that the Amount of gifts and money these cricketers have been getting is not very amusing! And I should say I am glad the match was abandoned yesterday.I doubt after staying on “CLOUD NINE” for a whole week, these guys would be able to achieve an above 300 target..Plus I actually agree with the hockey players..Why should the STATE governments prefer cricket and reward ONLY cricketers? We cant stop the private companies from Showering gifts on them, but the government should have shown this much interest when we won the Asia Cup Too.And What about when Pankaj Advani won those World Championships and Vishwanathan Anand, who is actually chess no.1 in the world now and our football team too won the Nehru Cup..In true CHAK de INDIA style I heard 🙂 ..Sigh .. Cruel Cruel World..One minute it seems rosy and immediately after, Unfairness is discovered..


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