8 things That Really Irk Me

I have just realised how its easier for me to write cribby posts than talk about something I like..So along these lines here are my top 8 favourite things to hate :

I.Talking Chickens — Yeah sounds weird, but I hate those “food” ads with the talking chickens..Its ridiculous..One subway ad made the poor talking chicken say “Yaayyy..I am in such demand” ..Yeah rite, like thats what the last thoughts of the chicken will be when it is slaughtered..”Yayy..People are going to eat me..I am so tasty”!!! Ughh..just irritates me..And then there was the REALGOOD (or some brand like that) which had the chicken assuring people..”I am safe to eat” !! :))..gosh..If only the poor chicken knew what it was in for..

II.Dirty Politics — Pratibha Patil is our President.Do I need to say anything more to highlight why I hate dirty politics..Also how I felt about the Quotas (thank god we have a “higher” court of justice!).Its also this feel of total helplessness and not able to do a thing about it.Aarghhhh

III.Leeches — Nothing new there if you have read my earlier post.The nightmares continue..and any crawlingg slimy creature on the ground looks like a leech to me!! What Louuu huh?

IV.Dishonest Autodrivers — Ugghhh Arrghhh…Again nothing new if you have read my earlier post ๐Ÿ™‚ But then to circumvent the seething rage I’ll have to go through every other day, I have come up with 2 ways to beat the frustration I feel..

1. I have started storing the license plate numbers of all the “Bad” autos I come across in my mobile…Yup I have names in my contact list which goes like “Evil Auto 7225” , “Bad Auto 8241” and so on ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Orrr since the probability of me getting onto the same auto more than once is pretty low, I get down when the meter touches 40 bucks..regardless of how far it is from my destination..Atleast I lose weight this way by walking a km or two ๐Ÿ™‚

V.Traffic Jams — Ever since I shifted to a new office, a zillion traffic jams have been plaguing me. After a long day at work, I have to encounter not one, not two , not three, not even four, but FIVE jams at regular intervals.As if its not enough that I have to break my head thinking of ways to timepass on weekends, I now need to think of things to pass time for that 1 hour I am stuck in the traffic jam.I have even started writing down blog ideas on my Mobile or “business” ideas too ๐Ÿ˜‰

VI.Overhyped Books — OH gosh and therez nothing more over hyped than Harry Potter’s last book. Yes I accept that i USED to like J.K.Rowling and da cute hairy puttar of hers. But somewhere along the way, Hairy Puttar has lost the innocence and the child-like magical qualities that I had started adoring. It has become something much more morbid and haunting and NOT something for the kIDS..I mean images of dead bodies floating around in a lake haunts ME..I can imagine poor 9 year olds reading it..Rowling — STICK with the innocence please ..Its pretty rare to find these days!

Talking about “over hyped’, here’s another one who takes the prize for this category — Chetan Bhagat! His Five POint Someone was tolerable..Not really “realistic” and not worthy of all the acclaim it garnered, but still..tolerable! But I think One Night at the Call Center Was a BIG Joke.I think it was a clear shot at making fun of reader’s IQ level..and I pray with all my heart , that this guy doesnt come up with any more books..since hez clearly not improving with age!

VII Dumb Waiters — Oh gosh..This particular species really bug me.Its like, you go to a restaurant , tired of making all those life – changing, path breaking decisions (ahem..yeah..:)) and Dont want to look at a menu and DECIDE yet again.You ask the waiter “Can you suggest something good? ” ..He replies “Everything here is good Maam” !! Aaaaargh..”Everything..Good..really..Couldnt have guessed that..That made my job so much easier..you are SUCH a gift to this restaurant!!!” ..BaAAAAAAAARF! I could slap the guy then and there…The smart waiters are those who rightaway say “Sure Maam, The tandoor platter is good” or “the paneer butter masala is our speciality” or smthing like that..Make our lives easierr people..

VIII.Himesh Reshammiya — Something about this moron’s Irritating Arrogance, his irritating sullenness and that Irritating nasal voice really really realllllly Irritates me!

Well so that brings us to the end of this list.Clearly not the end of things that I hate..but its a start ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Rest Of THE Day everyonee..

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4 responses to “8 things That Really Irk Me

  1. . Orrr since the probability of me getting onto the same auto more than once is pretty low, I get down when the meter touches 40 bucks..
    Can’t be more similar… I used to do it too…

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