My Long Hiatus And My Dubai Visit !

(I just realised how my last 2 posts have been out of frustration towards the inefficient, the dishonest and all the other morons.I think its time I grew up and Stopped living in my utopian world and face the reality that truly sucks….)

So anyhowwww coming to a lighter-brighter part of my life…Vacation!! I had taken a LOOONG vacation (3 weeks seems like an eternity when you are “working”) and went to Dubai and Riyadh.Add to all this, the day I was supposed to go on vacation, my company drops a “bomb” that they are closing down two of the 3 groups we have! Closingg!!! In other words, we were all being “fired”..but the saving grace was that the client company who some of us have been working with for 1.5 yrs now wanted to acquire our team.But the choice was given to us.Inspite of all this tension, the only thing that was constantly worrying me was whether I will be able to go on vacation..Was going after 3 years and I was super excited about meeting Orks & Pobz and visiting Doooppaaai.So thats how I decided not to care whether the company was falling down or rising up or going nowhere at all, and just went ahead with my vacation :D..

dubai skyline

Oh and anyone looking for a vacation spot, Dubai is Definitely the best place to go!! I was absolutely smitten by the place.Its got this whole cosmopolitan feel to it, with all those glittering malls and their grandeur, the breathtaking skyline with those spectacular skyscrapers, sexy firangi girls in chintoo shorts running around (;)) and yet it has the “desi” feel too, because wherever you look there are Indians!!Although it was reallllly hot when I went (in June) , If you can arrange your own transportation, it wont be a problem.Everything is air conditioned..the taxis , the malls, the houses! (On the downside , Getting taxis are a bit of a problem now for some reason and yeah ahem there are quite a few traffic jams because of the Dubai Metro coming up and I thought that was Bangalore’s speciality) But shops are open till around 12 in the night and multiplexes,pubs, discs till 2 or 3.So we can always find ways to avoid traffic :D..One thing I really liked about Dubai was the mixture of races and nationalities that you see around.It was sorta very refreshing to see people of all continents together under one roof.

Sheikh Zayed Road

We spent the first day in Dubai with my mom at the Gold souk(yeah yeah, the gold is good and cheaper than india I guess)and Meena bazaar where you get all dress materials and stuff(which i think is a ripofff..Oh Converting everything to rupees is not a very good idea btw..I kept multiplying everything into 11 and did not have the heart to spend a penny!) In the night, went to a multiplex to catch Shrek 3.Sat in Starbucks till 12:00 (the showtime) and I had a really scrumptuous strawberry cheesecake there.slurppp..The theatre was pretty deserted..not like PVR where I need to book in “advance” like I am going on a train or smthing ! Hehe..And yeah there are no “intervals” for english movies there (Except India , I dont think they give intervals anywhere else).Sniff I dint know this and missed my popcorn..After the movie, Pobs drove me and orks around for a while, and showed me around the Sheikh Zayed road(pic above).Thats where all those extremely talll skyscrapers are and all the office buildings.It was such an awesome ride..All those huge shiny, glass buildings on both sides and Us in between.

Dubai Palm Island

So anyways on the second night we (With Orcie Pobi and Her colleagues from work) hit this club called Barasti in Le Meridian.Its actually set on the beach (Oh if you have seen the palm shaped island thingy , this hotel is on one of the leaves of that palm tree..pic above 😀 ) and had a very “movie” like ambience.It had the total firang feel to it..firang moojik, firang people crowding the floors and dancing the firang dance.In all this, I was sitting there and trying to find an ugly or even slightly obese female in that entire crowd and trust me, I came up only with one(excluding me that is) ! All the females looked like baywatch models.The clothes, their toned bodies and long legs! Sniff..I actually scared off a group of women sitting in front of us by staring at all their legs for too long..I couldnt believe “real” people can look like that.What happened to the high rates of obesity in the european and other countries??? So Not fairr..aargh..anyways even after a few drinks, our desi legs refused to move to the firang music.We so need the “bhangra” beats and our remixes to get us on the dance floor..So we got out of that by 2 and headed home.The next day we (Orcie and her friends from work) checked out this club called Oxygen or Nitro (Or it was called Nitro on some nights..whatever) but it was this total desi place with alll the great remixes.And finally normally shaped indian woman..What a relief to spot them hehe …I danced my headoff to bhangra and bollywood remixes for 3 hours or so continuously.I think theres something about Red Bull which makes me soooper hyper and I can JUMP nonstop for more than 3 hours! Oh but the highlight of the evening was when the security at the entrance asked to see my ID for age proof (yeah i needed to say that, lest someone thinks I look like a criminal!)..sniff..Atleast SOMEONE thinks I can possibly be less than 18..I could have kissed that burly security fellow for making my day ;)..At 2:30am or so, they closed down the place and very reluctantly I went out..sniff..i could have definitely jumped for 2 more hours :D..Headed back home after that and chatted away with orks till 4:30 in the morning!:) I was leaving the next day so dint have anything planned for that day..

Well those were the 2 “hap” places I visited while I was at was just a 4 day trip.Managed to watch 2 movies too in those 4 days!! One of the malls there which is worth seeing is the Ibn Batuta Mall.It is this humongouss “theme” mall.Divided into 6 different parts with 6 different country’s architechture.Pretty Cool Huh?? I didnt get to see all of it though..

Well thats about it..I missed the Mall Of Emirates which is the world’s 2nd largest shopping mall and you can walk for 6 hours and still not cover the whole of it.And yeah I would have liked to visit the “beach”..but it was pretty hot,so thats okay.And I couldnt visit the Burj Al Arab..The building which makes a lot of apperances in Hindi Movies…Ofcourse nothing seems good when the company isnt good and I got to meet my beshhtest friendz so I couldnt have asked for more.I hated leaving Dubai for the place it was, and parting from Orciee..The rest of my 3 weeks vacation was spent in Riyadh with my parents, doing absolutely nothing but eating and sleeping and a little bit of cooking.So that sums just about everything up doesnt it? 🙂


12 responses to “My Long Hiatus And My Dubai Visit !

  1. Dubai is an exciting tourist place, no doubt.

    The Ruler of Dubai’s vision to boost its economy is taking shape with the fast paced growth, there is no political issues or corruption hindering developments here!

    Ramesh Natarajan,Dubai
    Global Indian

  2. Kewl yaar… I m all impressed by the pics.. shud i attribute it to ur photography skills.. naaah… hehehe and the best line of course was about the phirang girls in chintoo shorts.. :P… Lolz…

    Seems like u had an amazing vacation.. i got bored of my place in 10 days.. 10 days seemed eternity to me.. hehe

  3. Interesting stuff on Dubai… always had heard from people about it being cosmopolitan but I also some notions of it being very conservative. Seems that is not the case after all! 🙂

  4. Dubai has got to be the best place in the world believe me i have been 4 times and i am going back agin this july. Trust me you have to see it to believe it.

  5. Well, Dubai may seem to be the best place if you are a tourist. The true picture of this place is revealed only when you stay and work here. Believe me, all that shiny and glittery feel is only on the outside. From the inside its more rotten than a fish lying in the garbage for a week.

    No human rights, no proper working conditions. Well let me not begin cos the list is endless. Dubai is a good only for the rich, the famous and one time visiters. Ask any of the multitude of people working here, and they will all voice in a single sentence, BAD!!!

  6. [Ramesh Natarajan Says:
    The Ruler of Dubai’s vision to boost its economy is taking shape with the fast paced growth, there is no political issues or corruption hindering developments here!Regards,Ramesh Natarajan,Dubai”]

    The Dubai World Investment company is in debt by billions of dollars that they currently cannot repay due to bad and/or risky investments. They sunk the world markets by 2% with their announcement alone. No issues hindering developments? How about no money!

  7. Hello there, I am trying to find out why Ramesh Natarajan’s blog is now reporting “This blog has been deleted by the author”.

    Any one knows how to reach Ramesh Natarajan ?

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