Does My Ideal World Exist?

I am So seeething with rage right now.I just had a fight with YET another auto driver over a tampered meter.I am just too tired of all this.Tired of arguing and cursing Autodrivers that their auto will burn one day.Tired of haggling over my credit card statements and trying to figure out the complicated formula with which they calculate interest rates and late fees.

Why can’t auto drivers refrain from tampering their meters.Does honesty really hurt that bad?? Do they think that decieving people is any less shameful and any less a crime than “stealing” and thievery? Or Am I being too idealistic expecting people to earn money honestly.It is times like this when I wish I knew someone in the police, so that all my threats of “reporting to the police” can come marginally true!! 🙂

Yesterday I got my credit card statement and noticed “interest” calculation for around 1800Rs.Imagine if I have to pay this 1800 because I paid 400 Rs lesser for my last payment??? What kind of contorted formula doesnt care whether I pay 95% of the amount of 5% of the amount? Yup, thats how the biggest scam in India works.Late fee collections and such have actually touched a mind boggling 6000 Crores! So much is the amount that all the credit card companies are under the scanner now by the MRTPC. I can only feel helpless and terribly frustrated in this world where so much corruption exists.Maybe I shouldnt have been raised in this ‘ideal’ set of mind expecting others to show some sincerity and integrity.Yeah but seriously,What more can I expect in a country where the next president will probably be a woman who opened a bank in the name of poor women labourers and ”
stole” all their hard earned money to loan it to her own family members? Any person of even a little bit of integrity and heart cannot do an act which robs the poor of all their money so that her family can have a bigger house!!! She is willing to protect and hide a criminal from the court of justice just because he shares a “surname” with her? It disgusts me even to tell anyone that Pratibha Patil will be our President.After so many great names of individuals with Integrity and Honour, like R Venkataraman and Abdul Kalam why are we stooping so low? What happened to the President being “politically” unbiased? Will I ever come across my ideal world where only honest people exist and Where everyone is not out to decieve everyone else..Where fairness exists and I dont have to “curse” people every single day of my life? Or Is “idealism” the bad quality that everyone looks down upon these days?


9 responses to “Does My Ideal World Exist?

  1. You’ve got to have understood by now that you will find an ideal or honest autowallah only once in maybe 20 trips :D. Did you try ? Sounded good..

    Credit cards: Let’s hope MRTPC really does something about this bullshitting!

    As for Pratibha.. well let’s keep our fingers crossed.. But given the sycophancy of UPAites, I am sure every MLA in there would mortgage his conscience (if at all MLAs have a conscience) and vote for PP..

  2. ‘Ideal World’ and ‘unbiased politician’ are oxymorons. Pursue them but don’t get disheartened if you fail. You need to recall match-fixing incidents and bollywood’s link with D-company to realize that enormous wealth and love of millions isn’t sufficient. Some of us have a compulsive need to sell our souls. People like Satyendra Dubey are few and far between.

  3. @Karthik ..not tried yet but checked out the site..seems good..but do u know neone who has tried it? gosh i hope all these creditcard fraudies go to jail..and Pratibha..ugh i have no more words with a person with no scruples to succeed APJ!!
    @Bobby — Good one..hehe IDEAL world has become an oxymoron too?? So it seems we have to accept and live with those who did decide to sell their souls..thats patheticc..I just cant accept it..
    @Ankur, they have some funda of “daily average balance” and they calculate interest of 3.19% ON that daily average mine apparently comes to some 60k for the entire month..!! I dont knw what kind of absurdities they follow just so that they can give more free cards and decieve more people!

  4. charu:
    what bank do you have to charge u so high interest rate.. usually its close to 2% not so high.

    if u r a regularly purchase 60k worth of merchandise every month… then threaten them with closing of the account… i am sure they would not like to lose a high spender… esp for the first default.

  5. Hey dopa..that link exactly my story :D..okay and a thousand others i guess..aarghh such a Fraud..yeah I am goin to cancel this credit card..not worth it!
    Oh and am flattered u even read my blog!! 🙂

  6. hehehe.. Charu ji.. this is written in small letters with CC companies.. that even a buck paid less will attract interest on the whole amount.. thing is they write it too small… 😛

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