Dear Capt. Gopinath

(For the uninitiated, Capt. Gopinath is the chairman of one of the “Best” airlines in our county..Air Dhakkan)
Dear Capt. Gopinath,

I am writing this letter here to vent out the feeelings I have for you, since I can’t seem to find your address anywhere on the net.Quite understandably though, all the fan mail that you get must be quite difficult to sift through.I am hereby informing you that I am suing you,your airlines,your customer care executives all for my Premature Aging.Yes, you heard it right. I am aging prematurely because of all the stress that your company has UNFAILINGLY given me, almost everytime I travel on it.I can account for each one of my prematurely grey hair.3 for the 3 times I have travelled on deccan and the 3 times I was so frustrated and pissed off that my hair turned grey! Its been a while since I last travelled on deccan, and I was beginning to hear a few good things here and there and fell into the trap. I thought ” Hey You never know..The Impossible could have happened. Air deccan could have actually gotten reliable”.So inspite of having to attend my cousin’s Mehendi function by 4:00pm tomm , I decided to take the risk and book a deccan flight.But then here I am, so pissed off from the morning, not able to work since I have had to explain my situation to your deaf, callous customer care executives just around 20 times to 20 different people. And when I ask “Why Is the Flight delayed? ” ..I get the very smart-ass answer “Due to Unavoidable reasons, Madam”. Oh Really? Unavoidable? Now what unavoidable reason could you guys actually have 8 times out of 10? And how is it that all the other flights seem to have “avoided” that reason? If that wasnt enough, because of a “system error” , I actually OWE air deccan money. I mean, that is funny. You delay my flight by “only” 8 hours, You piss me off constantly by NOT having any flight that can reach when I want to and then I OWE YOU money.I would have laughed, If only I wasnt so frigging frustrated.In all fairness, its YOU who owe me money, for the 20 phone calls I made, for the million times I was put on hold only to hear Phil Collins music(which , frankly has begun to sound very very irritating to me now) and might have caused irreparable aversion to “Another Day In Paradise”, for all those chocolates that I had to eat to forcibly calm myself down and refrain from screaming and scaring my colleagues, for the people I disturbed and CRIBBED for hours together about Deccan, for the emotional Trauma I am going through now….I could actually come up with more reasons…

I agree you give the best fares in town ( Most of the time atleast), but would a little more reliablity actually hurt YOU? I know for a fact many of my friends who have “sworn” off Air deccan.Don’t you think in the long term, people wouldnt mind paying those extra 200 Rs if it meant, they will reach their destination on time? I am sure all other airlines delay their flights too, but I think its ONLY deccan which knows their flights will be delayed even 2 days before departure..Very Advanced Technology there, Capt Gopinath.I would suggest, you start tying up with other airlines in these “rare” occasions, where your flights are delayed like this.Or if they disagree due to your well, wonderful reputation, then Go down on your knees and BEG them, because you ARE or rather should be accountable for the hassles your passengers undergo..Lasht but not the least, May I put a question to you? Do You ever fly on Air Deccan? Or If you do, You should inform interested passengers like me.You never know that Might be the day when it snows in Bangalore and the flight takes off on time ??

With obviously my best regards

A delighted Air Deccan Passenger

ps : Anyone knows this Dude’s email address? Please help me out here..

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7 responses to “Dear Capt. Gopinath

  1. hahaha…. what is this.. nothing.. take this

    Passengers in line for an 8:20 PM flight to Delhi, to get thier boarding passes. With the influx of passengers, seems like the flight is full. NO VACANCY even for a tiny rat. Someone from the Air Deccan cabin inside comes out and says to the baording pass issuing executive “Lets cancel the flight” (and trust me it was said in all seriousness)

    Luckily I was going to board a Jet flight


  2. wow ive heard of people going red in the face when they get ticked off…hair turning grey is uber cool 😉

    but i am surprised people havent actually filed cases against these airlines for all the no shows and delays, i keep hearing such cases way too often, which makes me wonder how are they still allowed to operate like this…

  3. Nice one!
    You might want to sue them now since kingfisher has taken a stake and well you can get good sum of money for alleged Mental trauma!


  4. Hey Sirish, the only thing it has goin for it is the low fares and some people dont mind if theri flight is delayed as long as it reaches!! 🙂 And although I think that CNN IBN thing ws slightly blown out of proportion, I thought they got their much needed “danger signal”..but doesnt look like they did..

    and Rohit, I loved your blog…esp the airdeccan post ..And I shall keep in mind that KF has a stake while suing! 😀

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