Lets Stop Thinking About Ourselves For A Change

It was my birthday a week back and I was as usual sulking about growing old and achieving nothing in life and all that, and then Sindhu opened my eyes — She suggested we go to an orphanage and distribute sweets there..I jumped on the idea and was just sorry I did not think of it myself! Initially I was actually feeling slightly odd about what If what I am doing is TOO little and no real help..but then I guess Its a start isnt it? What better way to “celebrate”?

So both of us landed up at Anatha Shishu Seva Ashram(ph. # 080-22236892) in Wilson Gardens, Bangalore.And I am sooo glad that I went there.In this world where all we see is news about bomb blasts, serial killers , kidnappers and all other depraved ass****s, It felt so nice to know that there are also good people on the face of this earth.The woman who runs the ashram now is such an inspiration herself.She was also born and brought up in the Ashram and she lost her eyesight when she was 10 years old! Inspite of all this, She is a MA in political science, married with 2 sons, all of whom are giving their service for the ashram. Now that I think back at my problems, I feel really shallow and superficial.I thought I had problems and all I do is complain.But this woman has overcome her visual problems, her being an orphan, has a Masters degree and has sacrificed her whole life towards helping other children..I think this is how greatness should be defined.Not with the amount of money you have, not with how powerful you are but with what you have done and how many people are having a good life because of you..

There are around 40 children in this ashram.Many of them abandoned by their parents — thrown in dustbins, found in hospitals or even in front of the gate there.Some of them who have lost their parents in accidents and so forth..There was this very adorable 2 year old baby who was abandoned in some dustbin when she was not even an hour old!I feel this frustrating rage towards those parents who shirk their responsibilites and abandon their children in dustbins! Its your baby, just think about it for a while..What if noone finds the baby?? The least they could have done is given it (or kept it) at some ashram where they will have decent lives..In a way, its a good thing they were found by some ashram, where they can atleast have decent meals and are in the company of other children..

anyhow, I am writing this post just to spread awareness about this Orphanage.You can always go and give any kind of help (monetary, stationary items, provisions like toothpastes,soaps etc) at this place (or any other that you can find.You can always google for it and find the address/phone num.Thats what we did..).Even a little help from a lot of people can go a loong way…Cheers..and Love ALL..

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10 responses to “Lets Stop Thinking About Ourselves For A Change

  1. Thanks a lot for giving the contact info of the ashram. I was just looking for a ashram to celebrate my birthday too by doing something to those little children and u have done a great job.

  2. Jagadish, thanks..although our part in such things is miniscule.Just hope that I will be able to do much more some day! And Your blog and the whole concept of sharing ablog is amazing 🙂 ..

    Bhuvana, this is exactly the thing that I hoped for :)..thanks..great going..

  3. hai guys your doing wounderfull job if u want to do something in life for poor Or blind poeple i have one consept i want to share with u plz call me urgent any time 9740711110 9964973123

  4. hi… its a wonderful work doing by u jagadish… u know, i am one of such girl like u to start an ashram for little sweet lovely anatha babies.. i prayed god that if i pass i will donate something to anatha ashram.. now i have passed in my 9th sem LLB.. so need to donate.. i am searching for a good institution which do justice to the kids.. please reply me.. i would like know more about ashram..

  5. its really a appriciatable work because in many of us we have this zeel to help the needy by at some point of time we feel shy and won’t come up wit our idea. But did it!!.
    u can take an example when a well fare truste comes to us and ask our helping hands many of us wil be very glad to give the help for them. But induvidually we won’t be doing it. your this message had helped some of may be many to come out of the shy feeling and do really wat they like to do. and am one of them, so Thanks you…….

  6. hi u have done a great job.I also want to help those babies i m frustrated of my life so i want to spend the little time with those babies becoz am alone here leavng my parents in my native.Realy hats off to u friend keep on helping them i ll also join with u people in helping them as much as possible by me

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