Why Do We Need to firanginize everything?

Yeah You read it right.I just coined a new word..firanginize..(wow never knew I had it in me..sniff…I thank god first for giving me great abilities.. my mom and dad fr givin birth to me..My pet tiger, the milk man..paper man..;)) Ok coming to the point..I was just walking in Koramangala the other day and I see this shop selling silk sarees and the tag line was “Pure Silk From Varanasi” and the Shop’s Name??? — “FLORENCE”..I mean, Cmon, Its a frigging Indian silk sari shop.Why are you naming a “Varanasi” Silk shop with a bloddy city in ITALY???Atleast have the courtesy to give it an Indian Name.. Ofcourse not very surprisingly , it was swarming with firangis..I dont know why this is SO prevalent in India and amongst indians? Why does credibility increase if it comes from a “foreign” brand or a foreign face? Its quite a common practice for ad agencies to get little known blonde models to model for them ,which , surveys have indicated, is much more effective in selling products than most of the indian models (barring those A-list film stars and cricketers!).Do we have such little belief in our own capabilities and such miniscule amount of pride in our culture these days? Nowadays People give names to their kids based on if its Eassy for the americans to pronounce (rather so that the firangis dont screw it up!) . I really dont think we should “dumb” down our names for the sake of some idiot who doesnt bother to prounounce our names correctly.I mean Can u imagine some John, coming to india and changing it to Jaaaaan for the SAKE of a few who say it that way? But I know several Indians, who either abbreviate their names or change their pronounciations to go with the american culture..like Ramnathan becomes ramNATHAN( as in Nathan Asle .. Nathan) and Venkatraman becomes, quite willingly a Venky..Even my company was renamed from an “indian” sounding name (Anshul Soft) to somethiing more neutral.But this is all just ballsss (excusez moi)..I mean, if Kama sutra and YOGA can become really cool brand names so can a Abitakutchalambaal or a Ramcharan..Why are we ashamed of saying our names the way it is supposed to be said? Be Proud, dont look down on your culture and your indianness like its some disease..Cuz if YOU arent proud of it, others will treat you like dirt…So Get a Grip People..

Say your names with pride …
And talking with an american accent when you have never seen the outside of India IS NOT Coool

And if your brand is goood , a Minakshi Silks will do as good business as a Florence! Trust mee..

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7 responses to “Why Do We Need to firanginize everything?

  1. Have you ever noticed your feet tapping to the drum beats and synthesizer bass riff on ‘Dil Chatha Hai’ .. whats wrong in appreciating/mimicking/incorporating the western school ?

    If the west can embrace yoga, why do we have to be so insecure and think of a million things before using something that has been borrowed

    ..and doesnt something sound and seem more trustworthy when someone outside the system appreciates it .. I believe this is common in all societies and also beneficial…insulating a society has never resulted in its elevation

  2. Hello peavelearly, Its not about embracing some other culture , cuz I am all for that..I love american serials on Star World, Hollywood movies, Italian food, western music.But its about embracing YOUR OWN without feeling like its insulting! And I dont think that the Americans or Europeans are dying for some appreciation from us..so why are we ? They are at the other extreme actually , soooper nationalistic pride about their culture, they think they are superior.I dont want India to be like that, but All i am trying to say is, Dont think that our culture is “inferior”..

  3. Ok,… gievn a Choice between LEE COOPER and ASHVA denims.. which one wud you yourself go in for…

    Its all abt the trend and the trendy… Mostly, esp youth today believe whats foriegn (foren), is kewl stuff and they go gaga over it.. A LiveOn hair oil wud be preferred to the Navaratan hair oil…

    Its just the way we percieve.. Infact relating it to history..we as Indians readily accept what it foren… we accepted the Moghuls, the britishers.. and so we are readily dissolving the foreign things/brands/names…

    Who wud know, that brands like Van Heusan, Louis Phillip, Upper Crust.. are all manufactured by apna next door Madura garments… 😀

    Anyways I would say leave the choice with them… The world today is really a small village and is emerging fast a mixed culture.. a hybrid.. Agreed that maintaining individuality and uniqueness by preserving what was always yours is getting difficult, but thats how new things are born…

    In the same fashion.. the english dictionaries keep accepting words from hindi/sanskrit etc.. and ppl in US are goin all fida over the indian spiritual gurus !!!

  4. Well to add to the incident.. why do you think the guy named his banarasi sarees as “florence”. I wud say he has a terrific business sense.. He is a good trader.. For him its not abt the name that matters most, but how much can he make out of the deal.. And given that a tourist wud buy it, would earn him good money.. Following and believing in a national pride is good, but as for most indians.. survival and earning bread is more important.

    I do agree that even the educated people to a large extent have gone in through a transformation phase called phiranginization, but I guess its all about a sense of well-being and better economic state which were the drivers behind any such move.. though sometimes it was just abt the trend..

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