5 Reasons Why I like Facebook

After orkut came along, I didnt find any other “networking” site as good as it..and I still get annoyed being “tagged” and “hi5’ed” ! So when Facebook came into my life, I just joined it for the heck of it (Was feeling bored that afternoon). But now I have really taken a fancy to it..Not that it replaces the special place orkut has made in my heart 😉 but still , I think facebook has many cool new features  :

1. Photo Tags : I think this is what I love most about facebook. You can tag / name the people in your photo and if they are in your friend list, the photo would appear in their album too.I think its a great feature.So I’d get to see all those photos which my friends have of me (and have tagged it)

2. Wall-To-Wall : Okay So my job of “investigative” orkutting just got easier with this feature. You could choose your “wall” writings ( better known as “scraps” for orkut users) to appear in a conversional format.So you know what you are replying to. .Oh and best part is even if your friends “scrap” each other (or write on each others Walls) you get to see what they wrote to each other 🙂 .. Hee hAww haaaw

3. News Feed : All your new friends status/recent activities/ your recent activities/ who became friends with whom, appears in the form of a “story” on your main page (eg : X and Y are now friend. Y is no longer in a relationshiip. Z and A are now friends..and so on) .Although it could clutter your main page, I think its still pretty kewl. Anyhow its optional, so works both ways..Oh and you could set “status” msgs too.So I could be “Bored and Waiting for people to write on my wall” Or “Pretending to Work” at any point..

4. My Events : So here’s where it gets a tad better than orkut where only communities can have events.Here I could host an event and get a headcount of people who are definitely attending, who are probably attending and who are NOT attending.So we have a “party” organiser too..hmm 🙂

5. Importing My Blog : Lasht but not the least, I can import my blog into my page.So it automatically updates the latest posts that I have on my blog and it appears in print under “Notes” (as well as in the “recent activity” page).

So there you go ..5 reasons why Facebook is slowly carving a place in my heart 😉

Here’s a snapshot of one of the network pages from facebook(Yeah..I dint want to so explicitly disclose my identity :D)

Facebook snapshot

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