Over Sensitive Pseudo Nationalism

Let me start off by saying there is no doubt I am proud of my mother land, mera bharat (Now I might just be sued for not saying bharat with a Capital B!!) ekdum mahaan.But I am not proud of the hooligans who burn buses if a crow shits on some Freedom Fighters statue, the oversensitive very jobless morons who in the name of “patriotism” burn effigies of Shilpa Shetty and Tendulkar and the pseudo nationalistic asses who “condemn” everyone’s lack of patriotism including one of the most profilic Indian figures — Narayana Murthy!!


The same fools who are bent on not letting India develop, who take bribes and who use the taxpayers money to frolic in International locations , talk about lack of “patriotism” in Narayana Murthy.He,who has changed the image of our country and made it a technological giant(He has even charitably built thousands of public toilets) SO what if he played the instrumental version of the National Anthem? Just because of a “vocabulary” error ( he said it will be embarassing for the foreign nationals in Infosys) , the karnataka govt has branded it as an “unpardonable offence”..He even played the anthem TWICE !! Give him some credit…Now are you going to prosecute him for the rest of his life for this and forget all the good things he has done for India???!!! Will the Karnataka Govt stop judging Mr.Murthy and start building some roads for us Please?

sachin.jpgOh and then we have the hue and cry over Sachin cutting a damn cake..So what if it had the Indian Flag on it? This is the man who fought to show his patriotism by wanting the flag on his helmet.Its preposterous what is being suggested really. How is cutting a cake with the indian flag on it, equivalent to showing disrespect and “Destroying” the indian flag? Then the next time you celebrate your birthday,please ask your friends to not do the horrendous crime of putting your name on the cake.It is afterall akin to “destroying” yourself! And Everyone eating those yummy tricolored kaju burfis should be promptly arrested , probably shot too for totally disgracing the FLAG by chewing it along with saliva?? *Shuddder* !! You know what? I actually condemn the media the most, for bringing such petty news to everyone and holding debates after debates on it..IS there really a lack of news in our country that we are going to such levels? I know Sachin had a bad show in the world cup , doesnt mean you take out your frustrations on him in this way!! And You know its not that bad an idea to show “good” things once in a while….

shilpagere2.jpg gereburningepa_228×379.jpg

Currently we are obssessed with how Richard gere has stripped a poor Helpless bhartiya Naari of alll her dignity! Yup..I got tired and very bored of seeing OLD White Haired Richard Gere nuzzle Shilpa Shetty’s neck again and again AND again on all the news channels! The bloddy footage must have been aired like 5 times in 2 minutes for the whole day! And ofcourse, is surprising HOW promptly people gather for all these protests.It doesnt take much time for all those Vetti (read very very jobless in tamil 😉 ) people to gather on roads , buy posters of both Gere and Shilpa , and burn them.Some of the poor things took the effort to “make” effigies first, put Shilpa ‘s face on it and THEN burn it. What passion..What sincerity.Oh let me also mention the effort which goes into FILING cases against them. How commendable! I am not judging here whether what Gere did was in good taste or not..Or whether Shilpa should have protested or not! All I am saying it just doesnt matter.You know what really makes my blood boil ? One of BJP’s youth wing leader saying — “We are a culture that worships women, we believe in ‘nari shakti (woman power)’. Padmavati, Durgavati and Rani Laxmibai are our ideals, We are not bothered about how many times he kisses how many women in Hollywood. We are troubled with Shilpa’s behaviour. When the man was being outrageously indecent before a large gathering, why did she keep giggling?” My fooooooottttt…Cmon first off all it was just done in good jest..and Why the hell do we start this “woman worshipping” only when some giggling celebrity is kissed by Richard Gere? Where do all those Rani Laxmibai “ideals” disappear when rapes occur in thousands and we STILL have cases of girls burned for Dowry ??? Its so pointless, a waste of time and resources for all those people who protest and for the media who rushes to these spots to capture these absurdities.(Although it does give them their 5 seconds of “fame”! Look at that guy with the white cap laughing away.He doesnt seem to be remotely interested in burning Poor Shilpu’s Posters..Take the cameras away and I dont think anyone will be intersted in burning effigies and what not)One more “gem” of a statement I read somewhere — An Indian woman’s greatest asset is her modesty, her reputation and dignity. Shilpa‘s lack of any protest only confirms that we are still slaves of the ‘white’. We will tolerate all humiliation just because we feel the ‘white’ is our master.

I dont know whether to bang my head in frustration or bang the pathetic loser who made this statement or just laugh at all this foolishness.

Oh and Lasht but certainly NOT the least, there are those people whose sole aim in life is to file cases against celebrities! It actually seems like a fun thing to do.File a case, doesnt matter if the court rejects or accepts it. Call the media and tell them a case has been filed against this person and the next day you have your name in the papers!..One such example is

Shailendra Dwivedi: He has dragged Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan to an Indore court over their kissing scene in Dhoom-2. He had earlier filed petitions against director J P Dutta for allegedly showing the Tricolour incorrectly draped on coffins of soldiers; M F Husain for painting Mother India and Hindu goddesses nude; L K Advani for his Jinnah comments; Mamta Kulkarni for an alleged indecent picture in a film magazine (courtesy TOI)

Hmm So here we are..The great India..Are we really such an oversensitive intolerant nation ? It seems to contradict our famous “Sab Kuch Chalta Hai” motto! We are able to tolerate criminals running our country..We dont mind people openly urinating on a wall with “Do Not Urinate” written on it..We seem to have accepted bribery , corruption and nepotism as part of our lives. Then why do we seem to jump on everything and anything these? I am sure these protestors and ministers are just out for a shortcut to fame? They are never going to make a name otherwise , so why not file cases and burn effigies today and tell everyone proudly “My Name has appeared in the newspapers many times”!


18 responses to “Over Sensitive Pseudo Nationalism

  1. That pic of NRM is funny 🙂 Nice blog btw – subscribed. I dont know how much of this is veti’ism versus vote-bank politics or attention seeking tactics.

    The stupid people (and god knows we have a ton – they are the ones who follow the news of ash’s wedding or make minal panchal a martyr) never speak out. These are smart people exploiting the stupidity in the country. For all that Shailendra Dwivedi is reviled, he is still a successful, famous and probably rich man.

  2. For a society who has been deeply damaged by colonialism can one think of a more offensive image of a white guy grabbing a daughter of India and forcing himself upon her? It is so symbolic. It is right in line with the image of the white colonist forcing himself upon a country and just taking whatever he wants.

    Richard Gere should pay the ultimate price for this.

    What bothers me however is those who would blame Shilpa Shetty for this.

    Too often women victims of rape in India are blamed for what happened like they wanted the rape to happen or it was their fault the rape happened even when the truth might be that the rapists brutalized them and they couldn’t stop the rape from happening.

    While of course Richard Gere didn’t actually rape Shilpa Shetty, I still see this whole “Blame the Woman Victim” dynamic in place. From what I saw from the video Shilpa Shetty did nothing to cause Richard Gere to act the way he did, and was in fact as shocked as everyone else was that he would act in such a disgraceful manner.

    We need to defend this daughter of India, not blame her for this white man’s assault upon her.

  3. @pegasus..Exactly my thots..
    Hey Srivatsan! great to see you here 🙂 ws goin thru ur blog too..its quite goood! 🙂
    @Scott..Yup you are rite, but we cant equate rape victims and wat shilpa shetty hs been through..shez in the film industry man..and everybody knows what an “actress” pays to get all that fame.So its just not a big deal..white man or otherwise! I dint see neone protesting and protecting Rakhi Sawant when mika apparently got cosy with her?!?

  4. funkieeeee…hadn’t checked ur blog in a while…niceee post!! hehe…Wats this thing with narayan murthy? wat did he do now? >

  5. funkieeeee…hadn’t checked ur blog in a while…niceee post!! hehe…Wats this thing with narayan murthy? wat did he do now? (other than sending 3-4 H1B petitions for each of his employees…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

  6. wow dude….this posht is amazing…..seriously dude…you should start blogging on current affairs…..food…clothing…education…why would anyone care about these stories….there is so much apathy in india that it is apalling…..have something like the vtech shooting and normal people would say….this isnt surprising..anything can happen in india…..violation of human rights isnt news anymore…quite a sad state of affairs …and i have no clue how one could go about changing it..

  7. Helloez!.. long time :).. The undercurrent of humour and the satire in the blog is absolutely commendable!

    Okay.. that was the serious comment part for serious part of the blog!!

    For the other part.. I think quite interestingly your feel in this blog is absolute reflection of the feelings of the majority in this country who are reasonably sensible guys. But you know, usually the unreasonably nonsensical guys only make it to the news :).. So, don’t worry.. desh is not really going in the drain.. Not just yet 🙂

    The day.. people like you and I are in the parliament.. this place’ll be different!

    And trust me.. that day is not too far away!

    aiyyoo.. and i thought this part of the comment was the non-serious part :O neva mind 🙂

    ahem ahem.. too long a comment! but bahut din ke baad aaya na idhar.. to banta hai 🙂

    Keep writing!

  8. Just loved it…n loved it all….i just see the same anger and frustration which I had in your writing about all the crazy propaganda the media fashioned on all the sickening news broadcast every where…its quite sad…but charu “THE” fact is …Media is just catering to the appetite of the public..be it Richard Gere controversy or the media going over board coverage in the bachchan wedding or even Mr. Murthy’s comment….keep your thoughts flowing in

  9. Hey guys..
    @void..thanks man..that was some consolation..Its true i guess, its the minority who makes fools of themselves on TV :)..
    @flavia..Wow..am flattered you are here and you liked it.hMm true..media is catreing to the publics’ appetite..but we are part of that public too..and am pretty sure there are quite a few out there who are annoyed with such incidents..i dont see the situation with media gettin any better..i just hope that “minority” gets some sensE in their heads

  10. Awesome blog….
    just came across it while doing a search but i am glad i came across it….
    u have put into words exactly what many of us feel.And it sure is a kick on the arse of all those self proclaimed moral policemen out there…

  11. simply .. u have done a gud job …u hav given the words to my felings also .. i m glad that i came across this blog…. u have talkd abt some issus and in the same manner in which i deal with all those shit come across .. or if some of my frend do… u have done it in blog .. but mind me.. u shud do it verbally also… dont just keep quiet .. there are lots of young and indians (may be not everyone) who thinks like us but the thing is how we can join together and buildup a community so that we can be seen ..and heard .. and if can get together with a big no. then all this policticians and other useless fellows have to step back….and we can build a better INDIA.. so come forward not just by giving word to ur feelings on internet .. but in the society,,may be u wil find it difficult adnd really tough.. but even if one person joins his hand with u, ur job is done,,, u will feel more energetic and confidence from inside… and sloly our road will become easy…

    together we can ……… nd together we will……..
    haev a ni9ce day

  12. great article man… bravo.. i just hope people read it.. after shilpa shetty case i warched news.. Zee news in itself made it a issue.. they were questioning sum one as Mr white has raped her on stage or wat.. seriously koi kaam nahi hai.. specifically BJP and humare Thakre sahab ko.. aur kuch nahi milta.. to.. valentines day kyu mana rahe ho.. they throw stones on ung couples every year in gurgaon in protest its not our culture.. and guess wat throwing stones is .. :D..

  13. ok……

    What has happend Was not expected. Let the people involved take their decision weather the things those all have happend was right or wrong.

    We must give them chance to look for their values

  14. Good evening, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    A black family went to the zoo and the cage with the elephant. The young son asked his mother, “Mama, what’s that thing hangin’ off dat elephant?”
    “That’s his tail, son.”
    “No, mama, dat other thing!”
    “Oh, that’s his trunk, son.”
    “No, mama, dat other thing between his legs!”
    “Uh, that’s nothin’,” replies the mother.
    Undaunted, the boy asks his father, “Daddy, daddy, what’s dat thing hangin’ off dat elephant?”
    “That’s his tail, son.”
    “No, daddy, dat other thing!”
    “That’s his trunk, son.”
    “No daddy, dat other thing between his legs!”
    “Oh, that’s his penis, son.”
    “Well, I asked mama and she said it was nothin’!”
    “Son,” replied the father, “I spoiled that woman!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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