Old Is Just ..well Old

In about a month’s time I’ll be 24 years old..24..24..24..24.. (thats the sad echo resounding through my head).Which means in a month’s time, I’ll no longer be *get ready to get shockeddd* eligible to take part in *Gaassspp* Miss India competition or Gladrags Super Model or any of those beauty pageants.Nahinnnn..Sobbbb..(Now Now, lets just assume that there’s nothing that plastic surgery , liposuction, designer clothes and high heels can’t achieve :D)!! Its difficult for it to sink in that just a few years ago(okok around 8-9 years ago :p), back when I just looked older but was actually in school, anyone above 20 would qualify as aunty/uncle for me.But now, I need to spend hours everyday lecturing stupid little kids about how and why I am not “aunty” and how only those above 35 qualify as aunties πŸ˜€ (Little Girl: But Aunty You are working, so I have to call you an aunty Me (very annoyed) : ahem..oh well..actually I study too..secretly..noone knows I go to college :D! And next time You call me aunty, Grrrrrrr!) As They say, To me old age is always fifteen years older than I am. And with each passing day, realisation dawns about how at that very moment there are babies born into this world who are 24 years younger than you!! 24…24..24..24(Again the Sad echo) Thats like an eternity!! :(.Oh and to make things worse, just because I am one of the “earliest” employees of my company and been there..seemingly forever(and other reasons which I dont want to embrace), and I learnt this the hard way —- Someone thought I was ..*brace yourself* ..25!! Phew..i said it..but it was difficult..What torture for my vulnerable heart..hehe.Oh There is one more thing I constantly do, compare my age with the age of celebrities.So until a few years back, I was content thinking ,”Its Okay I am younger than them and its okay not to have accomplished anything in life..But now?? Theres Kangna Ranaut at 19 having a great acting abiility..Irfan Pathan at 22 doing a decent job..Rafael Nadal at 20..having accomplished so much so soon! I dont know if its a “female” thing, this phenomena of obsessing over how many people are younger to me in this world, or if it comes from my being the youngest in my family(that is 1/4!).But the fact is, I cant digest it…I act younger than all my younger cousins and I gel well the most with people in college and school , I want to go back to school and prove myself in 8th std again (Ahem..I wouldnt like my mental capabilities questioned at this junction..tch tch). And Of late, I have really started admiring those people who have embraced this dreaded aging process and actually let their whites and greys show.That is so brave!!What Guts..Sniff..I dont know if I could ever be like that until, probably, I touch 70!?

So anyways, moral of the story..if anybody ever comes up with the “fountain of youth” , “age defying potion (not Lotion)” or “time machine” you know who to come to right away dont you? πŸ™‚

PS : I found a term for what I have -> gerontophobia !


7 responses to “Old Is Just ..well Old

  1. :((( I hate you for this blog… what abt ppl like me abt to touch 27s??? grrrr..

    okay, if i forget my gerontophobia for a while i think its another awesome blog πŸ™‚

  2. I have started teaching kids that anyone who doesnt have a moustache should be called “anna” and not uncle πŸ™‚

  3. LOLzzzzz…. Another blockbuster from you… sometimes i wonder how u manage to churn out such great blogs..

    I guess I should be learning some gyan from you.. about how to be happy in life…. hehehehe.. ok ok.. now no need to be hitting the ceiling of your room..

    Anyways.. worry not.. age does not matter.. for ppl like u.. u’ll always be a sweet 20 .. (no ceilings again… )

    cool one charu aunty.. πŸ˜€

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