Aerobic Airs

There’s something about Aerobics, which makes me feel I am Great! (Hey am finally doing justice to my “megalomaniac” title ;))

I mean, as compared to the other poor chubby souls jumping up and down.Never mind that I have started outweighing more than half those “healthy” girls!!

Aerobics..Not my class..we are 1 round healthier :D

Its what I term as my “Aerobic Airs“..Once I reach that class, I NEED to stand in the first line and NEED to do it better than everyone else present.If by chance , there’s someone more Hyper than me, then I almost get “fits” in my quest to better her (I mean imagine the Instructor coming to you and saying “Slow Girl..Cool Down!!” ) and Needless to say, the next day I wont be able to move ahem…any part of my body.. Oh and did I mention my constant need to stare at myself at the mirror ..I think thats part of the reason why I need to stand in the first line.And the thought that keeps running in my mind WHILST doing aerobics –> I MUST be inspiring some poor soul in the class(Ya rite!!), I need to jump more and inspire more..(I am surprised people dont get scared looking at this out of shape round wobbly shape hyper actively Jumping up and down!!) Wow…If only I was like this at work, I would have been CEO of some darn company..Imagine me working harder than anyone else in the company..Hahahah Hehhe..ROTFL..phew that was a funnnny thot..
Okieeee then! Sometimes I think I am slightly whackoooo..


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