The world is full of nincompooops!!! Aarghh

Okay So I finally relented and took a Citibank Credit Card some months back. Things were actually cruising along just fine and I was wondering How useful it is to have a credit card and couldn’t fathom why ppl have problems with it in the first place..I paid my bills on time..extra money at times so that it remains in credit. Then came my March 14th credit card statement..And everything that could possibly go wrong..went wrong! I had an issue with, where I had attempted bookign tickets but although the ticket did not get processed, the payment got processed..TWICE..had to haggle with guys for a long ask them why they hadnt reimbursed my money even after 1 bloddy long long month..Gosh I fail to understand how people can be so inefficientt!! (lets not talk about my work for now, shall we??!) First they said its my bank’s fault and they had done their job. Then when I pressed them to give me the transaction ID and the likes, the guy says “ma’am I am sorry Its a technical fault..and Its not the banks fault and neither our fault”! Grrrrrrrr..and bloddy in the end I have to end up paying the “late” fees for that mysterious technical fault..

thats ME with this stoopid citibank credit card

And then came problem no.2..I had bought 1 Air Deccan ticket and my statement had the same transaction..4 times!! 4 times!!! What had to talk with Air Deccan and CItibank who does not accept “emails” as valid form of communication ( outdated..not with the times I say!!) so Had to courier a dispute form to them bla bla..but that problem atleast got solved..

Next was the baaap of all problems, the cheque I had submitted on 20th feb for 15k did not reach them.It had been debited from my bank account but for some mysterious reason did not reach Citibank..(I have confirmed from “inside sources” that the cheque has reached citibank but apparently has some discrepancy!) And I have so far with very little success argued and shouted at 10 customer care asses..And when that didnt work wrote to the head of customer care..and then to the BIG man — some Nodal Officer dude who is also the Ombudsman(btw dont u find that name really exotic..Ombudsman…Ombudsmaaan..hee haawww haawwwww), that they have to not only reverse my late charges but PAY my frigging phone bill! I am so frustrated telling the same story to 15 different people when NONE of them can do anything about it.Nehow, I STILL have no frigging reply so I have decided what my next step is going to be –> Contact CNN IBN and give them inside scoop on how Citibank conned me!! I might just be my first big break on television .. ahem 😉

PS : had to vent that out of my system..phew..Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggh..someone Help Me!!

PPS : In the short while between my posting this and now, this issue has actually been there goes my first television break..sniff..:(  


2 responses to “The world is full of nincompooops!!! Aarghh

  1. :))

    man these citi guys are a pain! had the same prob.. cheque debited.. didnt appear on their system.. tried hazzar things.. nthng worked !!

    Only a stick worked at the end.. went through my relationship manager ..git resolved in a jiffy.. phew! my job is useful smwhr atleast…

    btw, it takes some effort to follow up on all these issues.. impressed that u managed to pain them so much 🙂

  2. Beat this.. I had cancelled one of the citibank cards 2 years ago.. and I still get the bills religiously every month.. 🙂

    And plz mention about your blog and your blog mates on CNN-IBN.. maybe in the thankyou speech or somethign :D..

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