The One That Could Have Been

I keep wondering if life would have been the same if there had been even a small change in the turn of events. Would I have been in this boring job? Would I have met the love of my life ? Would I have come across the same special set of friends that I have now?

After my 12th, I got a pre-offer from IIT Madras — Electrical Engineering..And in a month’s time, it got upgraded according to my preference (I have no clue what I was thinking when I marked my preference!) and went to IIT Kharagpur — Electronics Dept.I was really distraught at that time.I din’t even know which state Kharagpur was in! Me and my mom decided to go to the IIT Director and request for a change back to IIT Madras. We begged him quite a bit . Even travelled all the way to bombay by train to discuss it with the chairman there(who was incharge of allocation) but he did not agree..

Just Suppose, the director had agreed to my request..How would have life been different for me? Let me manipulate my “hypothetical” circumstance to get to meet some of my real close friends —

Atul : Inter IIT sports meet — I am playing against IIT Kharagpur and I notice this guy sitting there (He is the loudest amongst the group of guys there) totally hooting against me. I get slightly annoyed but then at the end of it all he comes and apologises to me. I very graciously say “Thats Alrite” and we introduce ourselves. I think he’s really cute and stare at him whenever I see him.We meet again several times during the meet and sparks start flyingg.And soon , before we know it, we are running around trees singing songs and doing gyrating movements(I meant Dancing ofcourse!!) ;)..hehe ahem..I am watching too many films I suppose.Lets just assume that we exchange email addresses, LAN/Internet arrives in KGP and Madras, we meet in 2 more Inter IIT Sports meets and da “LOUU” just blossomed(Inspite of some “external” forces [ read Abhita] not being involved ;)) !!

Pobi : I am in Kharagpur, attending the Inter IIT sports meet there (Lets just assume I am a better badminton player than I actually was :D) and while having breakfast, this girl runs inside the mess and runs to the food stall, grabs two bread slices and runs out immediately. and I think to my self “Hey Cool, A beri fassht Chinky” (Yeah I get thoughts like this at times :p)..Then I see her again during the basketball match.I see her talking to everyone, joking around with everyone — a Perfect social butterfly.Oh and She plays so well that I cant control my urge to go tell her that shez really good.We end up talking for quite a bit and I am thrilled to know shez actually a south indian..a Mallu at that.We bump into each other often after that, staying in the same hostel and all that.She even lets me check mail in her room and I started borrowing her nice shampoo too :D.What a sweetie huh? So thats how we started chatting with each other and kept in touch after that..You know Once a shampoo borrower..Always a friend isnt it ;)..

Orcie : “Lou” was blossomming with Atul and I decide to come visit him in Kharagpur once. Since I was all chummy with Pobi, I decide to stay with her in her room. So one morning when Pobi wasnt there, this scantily dressed, very very sleepy girl just out of the bed comes around to Pobi’s room to ask if she’s going for the next class. She stops suddenly after seeing me and rushes back..I think “Ookayy Someonez Grouchy!!”..Later that nite, I ask Pobi about that girl in the white..umm..”dress”..and I realise Orcie is just not a morning person.She is in her “elements” that nite..Scandalising everyone with her umm..affection towards Pobi.I can’t stop laughing at her jokes and in the end only Me and Orcie are awake.Our “whacko” wavelengths matched and we both could actually “get” each other( Yes all this happened in one night :P).The next night, Orcie offers to take me to Eggies (the “in” thing in KGP)..and we stay out all night walking all around the insti and discussing things I don’t normally discuss with just anyone (Let’s just assume Atul was very busy that day πŸ˜€ )..Orcie, though she wasnt regular in attending her classes, she was pretty regular in coming online and chatting..and the rest as they say is history:D

Sudeep : I get into a MS program (I think IIT Madras would have made me more geekier than present) at USC and decide to take Computational Biology for fun (Rolling eyes, but remember I used the term “manipulation” of circumstances?:D). I notice this adorable baby-like guy raising his hand for ALL the questions (yeah Sudeep doesnt sleep in class anymore, like he used to in Kharagpur) ! I think “what a geek” but then you always need help from geeks dont you. So in an imitation of “real life” (when I went upto Sudeep in my first year and asked him to teach me Mechanics)..I go up to him and BEG him to drill some funda.He says he’s going hiking with the Math Geek club (ahem..okay Sud dont kill me ;)) I should probably come by to his room and he’ll help me. So I go to his house in the evening. And we end up discussing everything under the sun for hoursss together (except computational biology). I realise he is not that bad a geek as I thought he was.Hez just “gifted”, “genius”..the likess..and after this we end up sitting together in every class and Sudeep doesnt raise his hands for the Prof’s questions anymore (Thank Me Sud ;)) hehehe..

Abhita : Its the same day where I go to Sud’s house to discuss computational Biology (I love saying this..computational biology..computational biology..makes me sound incredibly intellectual). Its 3 AM by the time we are done discussing all those under-the-sun topics.So i decide to crash out there on the sofa.In the morning, I see a pretty and slightly plump (You know how I look at every being on earth as fat or thin..sigh..) Oh wait, Do u want to be skinny in my imagination, Abhita?? (Let me know, I can change this anytime πŸ˜‰ ) girl walk out of the other room ( I had no idea Sudeep lived with a girl!! :-O)..I then suddenly recollected seeing her in the wing when I stayed with Pavi..I had a blurred memory of her as she was mostly cycling very fast in and out of the hostel hehe. But I remembered how she once came and asked Orcie to give her a massage! She introduced herself as Uday (Sud’s Roomate)’s Wife.So while she makes Coffee, we end up talking and she has me in splits in no time.I have never seen a girl like her..I was totally impressed..IIT Kharagpur, then Stanford..And So incredibly honest with a great sense of humour ! Oh and the best part? She gives me the inside scoop stories of all the scandals in my University.Sigh it was then that I declared..Abhita..You are my beshht frienddd…

Prabh : Orcie has taken me to eggies and suddenly this Surdy dude comes up to Orcie and says “Treat Treat..Gimme Treat” and when Orcie says “No way dude..Get a Life” He turns to me (without even knowing who I was) starts asking me for a treat (apparently for the joy of coming to Kharagpur..(ahem sorry Prabh..Ur goodness will come out later in this para) After he goes back, very disappointed that he dint get a treat, Orcie tells me what a “Phundoo” guy he is ..actually she must have said “Magooo” (since i dint know KGP lingo I assumed it was Phundoo Haha) She also mentions that he is going to Ann Arbor, Michigan for his training and I decide to take his contact details(to send stuff ;)) since my brother was doing his Phd there.I chat with him a few times after going back and realise what a great, practical, sensible guy he is.I slowly start relying on his clarity of thought and start bugging him for advice on whether to do an MBA or a MS (every single day and he helps me out every single day!). And that was just the beginning of our great friendship..

So, I did manage to meet all these special people even if Life had chosen a different path! πŸ™‚

( Phew..I soo wanted to include my other special friends but my manager just came in..and it requires a lot of brain-activity to come up with the manipulation of these circumstances.My Apologies..(sheendos,sups,joojooz and e’one else, if u do read this, pls do come up with such scenarios for urselves and submit it to me at the earlier..;) hehe.. πŸ™‚ !!)

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8 responses to “The One That Could Have Been

  1. hahahhahahaa…I like this one!! I liked orcie’s description the best..haha
    And yes – i want to b skinny..atleast in ur imagination!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oohh I am not there???? :-P………

    Anyway would not have required tweaking the circumstances other than if you had to work in bangalore and gone for that ooty trek…
    I am not gonna talk to you for this
    Just kidding

  3. u met the director or IIT Bombay to ask him to request director of IIT Chennai to give u an offer instead of director of IIT Kharagpur.. wow u r confusing

  4. ahem that wasnt the point..but anyways I meant I went to meet the guy in Bombay(am not sure if he was called chairman or director)..since he was Incharge of OVerall Allocation and stuff..The IIT madras director said that dude might be able to help πŸ˜€

  5. Charu babes.. u ziimplllyyy rock… only u cud hv come up with sthng like this…. as sud says, bow to thee !

    btw, guess whr I am…bong land… rural interiors of bengal… fond memories eh???
    rite now, I am trying hard to escape the bengal strike…real serious stuff..road blckades/slogs and all.. pray for me πŸ˜‰

  6. ahem “only you could have come up with smthing like this” ..why does this NOT sounds like a compliment ;)..and what are u doing in interior Bengal dude!! u take care..and sowwie dint see ur call..and now i dont knw if u beejee? πŸ™‚

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