Wait till March 11th :D

Sorry for the long long loOoong hiatus..as usual I broke my new years resolution on the 2nd month of the year.But I’ve been travelling sooo much..feb 1st week went to delhi — agra(for supliya’s wedding) — delhi — mumbai — bangalore in 4 days ..Then my brothers wedding in chennai..then went to tirupathi..then went to Mumbai for the reception.My marriage marathon is still not over..One more wedding to go actually..in chennai this wednesday..So Hopefully I’ll get time to “collect” my thoughts and post again after that!! Till then..the few people who DO visit my blog…DO come back after march 11 th 😀 hehe..

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6 responses to “Wait till March 11th :D

  1. By any chance the last wedding in chennai is urs ;)…motivated by the recent spurt in marriage by your batchmates :)..

  2. @Rolly — I will invite YOU for my own..so dont worry..dint get married yet..hehe
    @anand..i meant AFTER mar 11th hehe..
    @void..sniff thanks..and shaadi season is obher fr now ..:)
    @Smitha..great to hear from you girl!! long time..am so glad u like my blog! Yayy

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