The Quest For the Perfect PP Size Photo

Today is a monumental day for me.I am ecstatic that the passport photo I got clicked yesterday has come out looking pretty decent (Just cant get myself to say “good” ;)) .. I am actually not annoyed with it..and that IS a monumental feat ,trust me! Isnt it true that we all will give anything to get that perfect passport size photo 😉 ?? Since time immemorial, man has strived time and again to get that perfect look in that short duration of time, when the cameraman throws that flash at you, but seldom has he succeeded.I am no different and I’ve gone through atleast 12 attempts before achieving “near” perfection( in MY eyes)..Since the time I “remember” (Have always noticed that the photos I dont have any recollection of getting taken, have come out pretty good — like the one when I was 8 yrs old..I was such a cutieee..sigh),I’ve absolutely despised my PP photos! There is something about getting a phooto clicked at the studio — I somehow feel terribly conscious and pressurised to look nice, sit straight, smile without your teeth showing , not blink and try not to be dazed by the flash, all at the same darn time and in front of another strange man ( the one with the camera I mean :)).The end result, I have a very constipated smile on my face..if at all a smile is there.

Let me trace my history back —

The one I got taken for 10th boards had me look nice but drugged..Yeah the fool of a cameraman had to click it when my eyes were about to blink..

Then came 12th boards and it is definitely one of my better moments..If only if I did not look like the hunchback of notredame!!

During College days, I had a very very funny looking photo of usual I was trying to smile with my “eyes” (I read somewhere that it looks genuine) and ended up giving a constipated look with half cringing eyes..Oh and I was wearing a shirt which totally matched the studio a pretty “dull” photo..

Next came the pic I took at GK Vale(Who, everyone claimed, made even the ugliest person look gorgeous)..I had a lot of hope for this one..But unfortunately, the strong flash momentarily Zappped me and my face in the pic has this Just-Out-Of-Coma-Where-am-I-What-am-I- doing-here-look.

And the last one I had clicked, had me too “powdered” up..(I thought I could hide all my blemishes with the Ponds powder which was available at the studio) but umm..dint succeed

And Finalllyyy yesterday I decided I’ll wear something bright and was in one of my “I dont look that bad” moods..and that seemed to work..:D Although I believe the photographer has digitally altered it to make me look fairer..but who cares 😉 Threee Cheers for nice PP photos..Hip Hip Hurrrrray..Hip Hip Hurrayyyy

Here’s my first ever passport size photo 😀

My first passport size photo


6 responses to “The Quest For the Perfect PP Size Photo

  1. Heyy funky.. lovely entries… hadnt been here on th blog since the new yrs… totally rocking!!.. u can count on me actually taking efforts to recommend this blog to others..
    u rock!!
    and yaa..U NEED to learn how to keep in touch..
    send me ur scanned pic too 🙂
    let me clear u of any illusions u may be hvng..
    With a million compliments 😉

  2. yeaaaaaaahh… congratulations.. believe me i can completely understand the trauma of going through a passport photo session (actually any kind of photo/video session for that matter).. but you seemed to have already achieved moksha.. i am still looking for it :(..

    needless to say.. awesome blog again 🙂

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