Eggjaams — sab moh maaaya

Nowadays I have a great new timepass – writing MBA entrance exams.Think about it..A solid 4 hours on sunday boooked and I dont have to come up with alternate ways to entertain great is that! Last week was a similar sunday. I went to give this exam (name withheld on request from my inner self 😉 ) and came up with a new ambition in my life..Yeah well it was thaat screwed. I opened the question paper and 1 hour later, I had solved exactly 4 questions! In midst of all this, my brain was working overtime thinking..okay one more “ambition” off the listt..I cant do a MBA when I cant clear any of these exams! So while breaking my head on what alternate career I should pursue (yeah forget A B C working on a stupid farm together and D making loss of 20% on some godforsaken Cost price!), I came up with “creative writing”. Not that my blog is any good but I like writing posts (when I get the time/mood ;)) ..I thought I should take up a course and find out if I am any good at that.And then I started imagining the search terms I was going to use to google about it online when I get back home ;)..All this thinking done right there while attempting weird quants question..Verbals and DI dont deserve much of a mention..I became too sleepy to even think of alternate amibtions..And then came the essay part..and I thought this is a chance to put my writing skills to test..The topic was “Economic Growth Without Environmental Damage — Reality or Mirage”..Ummm..ahem..Okay well, I started off well enough..then went on to repeat the title some 10-11 times with different synonyms for Mirage..”illusion” ..”dream” etc etc..and how we should make it a reality..and “What use is economic growth without the hands to run the economy” ..That was my favourite line..;)..but thats all I got..So I guess creative writing is off the list too..sigh..Hence I have reached the conclusion..Exams Wexams..Sab Moh Maaaya..Although they give the weekly dose of “entertainment”, they end up giving a huge ego – kick..sniffff..Oh btw this sunday is booked tooo.. 😀

ps : Any comment asking for my scores / any question related to How the exam went will be deleted without mercy 😉

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7 responses to “Eggjaams — sab moh maaaya

  1. Hehehe.. :).. I remember those days very well too :).. I had another interestingly funny problem… some wierd song’s tune would be playing throughout the exam in my mind and i couldnt help singing along :).. concentration to gaya out of the window!! and btw, all these exams are indeed major moh maaya!!

  2. exactly!!.. thank God.. atleast i am not the only one with this syndrome :).. I tried taking some cotton once.. it just doesnt help! Bass guitar continues to play somewhere in there and I give the percussion with my teeth.. I end up with major jaw aches often!! 😦

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