A Tip for Bungee Jumpers

I was watching Oprah today morning and they had a feature about 2 guys who went bungee jumping.One of them almost lost his life but thankfully his friend knew CPR.But here’s the freaky thing — till date I was always paranoid about the rope snapping and me plunging to my death but now thats replaced by another fear! So what happened with this particular guy was that during the bounce back (after the first time the rope stretches out completely,it feels like you are on the edge of a rubber band.So you bounce up and down for quite some time) , the rope somehow came over his head and managed to coil his neck like a noose , hence totally strangling him! These guys were filming their adventurous bungee jumps when this life threatening situation got caught on camera. It was really scary to watch trust me! The guy lost conscious in minutes.The bungee guys were themselves totally bewildered and panicked (so all that “training” really doesnt help any of them doesnt it!). But his friend saved the guy’s life with CPR.. I am thankful I dint see this before I went bungee jumping though..wouldnt have got the guts to take da plunge..there are so many things that can go wrong huh!?


So anyways, the TIP to avoid getting into such a situation is flail your arms about wildly above your head while jumping.That should keep the rope away from your neck..So keep this in mind the next time you go bungee jumping..Oh plus this happened when the guy jumped off the platform backwards(which supposedly gives a bigger adrenalin rush) Not sure but that might be a reason too..so be careful 🙂

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3 responses to “A Tip for Bungee Jumpers

  1. wow…pretty scary..
    I don’t think i’m gonna do it ever again neway..hehe..
    By the way, did u ever find my bungee jumpin pic??

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