10 Things I Gotta Do By The Time I’m 33

For the benefit of “readers” who dont know my true age, 33 is 10 years away from now..:D

1. Act in a serial (preferably HINDI serial with bootifoool saris and lot of jewellery and makeup) Oh btw Balaji Telefilms is having “online auditions” at baajaa.com Matlab, u send in photos and get short listed for screen tests. They have the option of putting up only 2 photos, so I thought I will make a collage with photos of me looking like a

  • Bahu (Ghoongat n lotsa bangles and sindoor and the works)
  • Vamp who is evil for no reason at all (One raised Eyebrow. Lotsa Eye Shadow. Very Dark Lipstick)
  • Hero’s Sister who goes to discs-wiscs (Hep Flashy Clothes. da Youthful look)
  • Hero’s Jilted Ex-Lover who plots to kill him (Saris and bangles but with Raised Eyebrow and dark lipstick)

Saas Bahu

I think that covers all the characters.I would obviously refuse to play characters above 30.. hmpph
1.1. In case 1 is not possible, I shall resort to 1.1 πŸ˜€ i.e.Appear In an Ad. I’ve decided for part-time jobs, ads are the best.You can shoot over the weekends and do ur normal boring job the rest of the week (yeah I’ve thought abt the schedules too πŸ˜› ) I’ve found out that there are ad agencies which actually assure you a role in some ad albeit a teeny weeny one.Even for that you need to shell out some money initially.I’ve also decided I wont appear in ads requiring close ups (Cosmetics, Face creams etc etc).I wouldnt mind endorsing some sporty things..Energy Drinks..Reebok Shoes ..etc etc πŸ˜€ Dont have to look too great for that huh? Okay
I guess what goes with the 1 and 1.1 territory is signing atleast 5 autographs in the next 10 yrs!! πŸ˜€

2 . Start some side business of sorts..Gym or A restaurant (only for the rich and famous πŸ˜‰ ) or A school (as mentioned in my last , last post :D)

3. Go to Parisss..Dont know why I’ve always had this obsession with Paris.Its just feels so romanticc..sighh. I dont mind visiting Switzerland and looking at those famous cows either :)..


(Sud’s suggestion is “Go to all the 7 continents” ..But will put that in the 10 Things I gotta do before I turn 60 list πŸ˜€)

4. Watch some world level tournament LIVE from the stadium..For eg. Cricket World Cup , Football World Cup (nothing to beat watching da famous shirt swappin in person ;))


5. Get a flat stomach.I have my doubts on this though. What I couldnt achieve in 2 decades will probably not be possible in the next 1 decade..sniffff…I blame it on my genes!!

(I know I can get a lot of hits, but ishtill can’t put a very explicit pic of a flat stomach πŸ˜‰ sighhh)

6. Get Married , Have 2 kids, and continue my eternal fight for #5 πŸ˜‰
7. Learn to play some new instrument (not like I know ANY instrument as of now) / learn how to dance without looking like a fool / learn a new language

Yeah One Day I’ll b like Joe Satriani :D

8. Own my very own adorable DOG πŸ˜€ They give me some sorta unexplainable joy.. I really think companies opening up Pet Care Centers will encourage ppl like me to buy a puppyy. I mean, when u can have a creche, Pet care shouldnt be far offff right?..Pets might actually be easier to take care of :p..(Oh yeah, If I havent mentioned before, I am a totall dog loverrr sigh.)

I want this dogggiee

I started off this list thinkin I can fill it up in no time! But lookie here..8 and I cant go any further 😦 Shall update this in the near future πŸ˜€ Till then make it “8 things I gotta do by the time I’m 33 ” πŸ˜€

PS : Had to take the help of pics to make it a tad interesting πŸ˜‰

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8 responses to “10 Things I Gotta Do By The Time I’m 33

  1. Point 1 was fun to read πŸ˜€ Ah these damn never ending serials..best of luck for balajee auditions πŸ˜›
    BTW i wonder how do people actually watch those serials!!! i mean they don’t get bored?

  2. Aaaaaah beri smaarrt..Anoop your blog totally rocks :)..you should venture into “journalism” ;)..you can publish a book infact..hehe..
    Sharique, gosh Dont know why/how ppl WATCH it, but I know why people want to ACT in it..the glamour..sigh πŸ˜‰

  3. Hullo… real neat, dudette!.. Paris…sigh!!..wats with gals and paris..
    come to germany instead…lovely.. u can driev at 225km/hr here … now THAT’s something!!

    Go gal… go get them!

  4. Wait a min.. do you really ‘watch’ those KSaas-KBahu serials?? :O :O.. but why???..

    I think I am crazy about the 4th point in there.. i wanna watch one EPL/UEFA match live.. preferably one with Arsenal playing and winning :D… can we find some sponsors for this too :D..

    and the previous blog seems to have got you pepped up! majorly funny blogs happening.. keep going πŸ™‚

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