Orkut – The New Verb

ORKUT (pron. Aur- kut) n,v: To waste hours on orkut.com . Usage :

verb : So, you orkut too huh?

I was orkutting from work all day yday

noun : Arent you on Orkut?

Bloddy Donut Message is coming on orkut man! etc etc..

So now you know how much orkut has become a part of my vocabulary, I wanted to explain the various facets of my “relationship” with orkut (the site 😀 ) and different ishtyles of orkutting

  • To-The-Point Orkutting –> You notice someone has scrapped you. You log onto orkut, go ONLY to that person’s profile and reply back to their scrap without looking here or there and then log out.
  • Iterative Orkutting–> Rather “curiousity” orkutting..You see someone interesting(call them A) has scrapped someone else(say, B). So you land on B’s scrapbook to check out A‘s reply. Then you notice C has some masala news in B‘s scrapbook.So you go to C’s scrapbook to confirm it.:) There you happen to notice an old friend of yours (D) and land up in his/her profile. D is now “committed” with a diabetically sweet testimonial from his/her “love” E and you end up there..To your disbelief, E has beri ahem..lovey dovey testimonials from D,F,G & H!! hahaa..okay so story goes on and on till Z and before you blink your eye, 4 hours have just flown past you! (Alrite folks, this is just a hypothetical story.Don’t try to find out who is E 😉 )
  • Social Butterfly –> You log in to orkut and see the most recently logged-in list and go to all their scrap books and say “Hiii..Howz life? What you been upto?” (although you dont really expect it to have changed in the past 2-3 hours :D)..You can do the same thing to e’one on your fan list too so that they dont withdraw their “fan”ship 😉 ..It would be nice if your scraps are colorful.It always stands out you see ;)..This helps you “network”,socialise, keep in touch bla bla..
  • Give Me Compliments! –> You are feeling really low and a few compliments will cheer you up.So you go to random people (with good pics 😉 ) on your list and say “Amazing Pic! Sigh..You are so lucky you are photogenic.Just look at me..ewww” …rest assured, you should get a scrap whcih says “C’mon.I think you look really pretty”..sigh..Wont that just make your day? ok but Spose you DONT get this scrap, you have the liberty to write another scrap “Abey yaar..Atleast have the courtesy to return my compliment hmmpph 😛 :P”
  • Sirf Timepass –> This one guarantees Total TP! Log in, go through e’ones albums, personal profile, professional profile, about me’s. If needed, you can comment on their personal profile, albums etc etc. If not interested in all this, then search for random communities and join them. For eg: “C++ File IOstream Fan Club” or “Orkut is for losers” or “Chocolate Mousse”(slurpp). You can create your own too..like the “I Hate Myself” or “Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road” community (Lemme check if th ese communities exist already :D)
  • Yaadon Ki Baarat –> This is one of my favourites. Searching for your long lost twin /sibling on orkut is soo darn noble ;)..I keep searching for my Kindergarten Friends and my 1st standard friends. Although I haven’t gotten so far yet, I did find my 5th std friends here on Orkut.:)(..Orkut ki JAAI Ho) I keep searching for names from my childhood in the hope that I’ll stumble upon someone.One person I have been trying to find is Himanshu. We studied LKG in Ahmedabad together.And the only thing I remember is that he used to eat all the chillis from e’one’s tiffin boxes…Hmmm now where should I go look for him without a last name? 😦 Hey I can give a try in the “chilli’ community..Any other suggestions? 🙂

I obviously, make use of all the above ishtyles one time or the other.What about you? (Assuming same degree of velapanti as me :D)

For GK –>Here’s a pic of the “founder” of orkut. Looks so bloddy normal!! Dont know why I expected him to look funnier and older 🙂

Da Man Himself

And here’s his homepage :-> orkut buyukkokten’s homepage


18 responses to “Orkut – The New Verb

  1. Awesome… absolutely hillarious.. hehee.. 🙂
    and my relation with orkut varies with velagiri and enthu levels.. but bottomline.. orkut rox!! big time :)..

  2. oh MY GAWD!!..this was totally rocking ..Charu da.u will soon be entering the realms of top 50 bloggers from India..
    and whattay classification..

  3. seriously..i can find just one word for it “ingenious”!!!!hehe man i wish i could write proofs in my algorithms class with such precision…no stone left unturned..

  4. Wow this is ANother way of getting compliments huh? Get ur “polite” friends to read ur blog AND comment on it 😉 hehee..thankkooz thankoozz..wat wud i do without u guys to read it ..hehe..

  5. seriously gurall..this IS ur besht posht ever…..me enjoyed every word of it..and..true….all the points uve ‘put forward’ are so freaking right…..esp the iterative one and the sirf tp..and btw i did find my childhood sweetheart…(3rd stnd one) on orkut..and hes in dubai too..but too darn busy….grrrrrr…

  6. a great and hilarious post (posht :D)!!! i also engage myself in “suspicious orkutting” ( on not gettign a reply from someone, finding out the time that person wrote his/her last scrap :D)

  7. thankooz thankooz..btw Saurabh all this jst came out in a rush..not more than 15 min ..hheheh..as a tribute to my 2+ years of orkutting 😉 hehhe ..
    Sheeendoos..:))..Suspicious Orkutting..Hahahhaa..oh yeah..how cud i have left this one out 😉 heheh

  8. too much hai!!! really witty
    surprising that you are leaving out investigative and gossip orkutting which all the girls must be upto!!!

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