Just Do Your Thing..

Its been quite some time since I wrote my last post.I think its because of various factors.

1. I have growing dissatisfaction with my work. I guess ego hurts that one of the very first employees doesnt get “bhaav”! So did not really feel like doing anything.

2. I have been doing some major rethinking about my life , priorities, choices, direction bla bla

3. My one and only “lub” is in town andย  I keep day dreaming all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..although I can’t really blame him for my Un-blogging :).

4. My manager who was working from home is now back to work and that too right beside me! Sigh..Sniffff (Okay now U know the “real” reason huh ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
5. I was really lazy and couldnt think of anything to write about ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways the thing is One of our clients CEO came to our office and he was just talking to us about how he became one of the richest guys in Silicon Valley.He said that when he realised that he could never be passionate about the shape of the sine curve on the oscilloscope (like the other guys he saw in college) he just got the hell away from Electronics Engineering. beeCause without being passionate about your work, you can never be the best at it. This triggered some major inspiration in me and I was thinking, there are just too many people at work who have programs and codes running through their bloods. People who can stay up late working because they LOVE to see their code in action. People who get excited after their regression shows no failures. People who can actually carry on coversation lasting hours about optimizations and new technolgies. And that certainly is Not me! So thats when I decided I need to give myself choices in life. I have wanted to do so many things from the time I heard this CEO guy speak. I wanted to open a school which doesnt pressurise people into certain streams. I wanted to open my own company. I wanted to do an MBA. I wanted to quit my present job.I wanted to do everything That I’ve ever felt like doing – A Hindi Serial actress for one ..Just one serial will do for me..;)

Before I move further, I have to mention what Mr.CEO told abt the way American system works.Apparently In US there’s no stigma attached with any career you want to pursue. So people who are waiters or masseurs are as proud and enjoy their jobs as much as the researchers and the doctors! So it goes that americans who do engineering actually LOVE engineering and want to do nothing else. So the techie guys at our clients company are fanatical geeks, who actually read up every single magazine on every single emerging technologies and know every single happening in the techno world! Its not the way things are in India is it? In my school, if you got less than 80 you had to do Commerce and more than 80 got you into science. So it was more of a matter of ego and pride than interest!I mean, if not for that outlook , I might have actually been in commerce and fared much better than now. It was a sorta unfair division..Why can’t kids be allowed to dream beyond engineering and medicine.If they want to become cricket players , let them give their best shot at it.If they want to dance around trees, be around glamorous men/women with gawdy makeup and too much jewellery i.e enter bollywood/hindi serials, then encourage them to go for it :D.This is one of the reasons I wanted to open a school. A place where I’ll give e’one the choice to do anything they want. As part of extra curriculars, you can include acting lessons, sports training, literary clubs etc etc. GIve them some insight into different careers. I am sure soon we’ll have people doing what they truly love and India will become da beshtt bole to ekdum jhakaaaaaas ;)..

So here I am trying to get out of my comfort zone looking for alternative openings and trying to get more choices into my life.But Alas .I will terriblyyyyy miss my TT, my orkutting, my wasting days together doing absolutely nothing..snifff…but hey you never know, I might just get “lucky”(un?) again ;)…

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7 responses to “Just Do Your Thing..

  1. yeah i know dude…i came here to this university and there are people who are actually doing majors in communication ( not electronic communication..blech ;)) , languages, acting , music….i mean we just have this one life,…..we have to give something which we like as a shot…..i know when i was in 11th…iit was no. 1…more of a prestige issue…or whats called “the rubber stamp”…..sometimes we need to choose these rubber stamps to get to where we want to go…and not let those rubber stamps make us just one stupid piece of paper lying at the bottom of a huge pile or other pieces of paper (man i like that analogy)

  2. In order for parents to encourage their kids to do smthing other than engineering & medicine.,..they hv to see a future in that field for their kids..
    In india..u get paid peanuts for massaging smone, cutting their hair or driving a taxi! Hence the ‘poor’ image attached to the profession. Compare this to America…where hair-dressers & massuers get paid just as well as computer scientists..in some cases, maybe higher…
    I had a haircut over the weekend & had this really pretty babe from a rich family cutting my hair.,..she’s got a degree in cosmotology & earns a 6-figure salary ๐Ÿ™‚ Imagine spending ur whole day in this awesome saloon..colouring people’s hair, cutting them,..doing wat u totally enjoy & getting paid so much for it!! A lot of mind-sets and systems will hv to change for such things to start happening in india!

  3. Yup totally agree with ya papita..I am hoping slowly things WILL change in India. Although engineering and medicine is a “stable”, risk-free career it is not really one of the Highest paying industries is it? Entrepreneurs, Actors n Cricketers are the ones who get grossly Overpaid! ๐Ÿ™‚ So again I am asking, if any of u know Ekta Kapoor, pls recommend me to her ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ahaa!! Deja vous :).. Soul-searching has finally begun! And did you find out what you are good at then? :)..

    Good one indeed! And if you do become another of those ‘richest’ CEOs in the silicon valley or anywhere else dont forget that you dont have to go too far for recruitment ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. uughhhh…i was damn bored and feeling like a perfect loser….so came to ur blog for TP…but noo..will u lemme have some tp…grrrrrrrrrr…..thanx to ur blog im feeling MORE LOSSERRISSHH now!!!….ok…2 steps away from suicind!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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