Nothing New

I’ve been fiddling around with 2 other blogs..the latest one being yahoo 360! I think its a great outlet for all that creative energy ;)..Ever since one tv in my house stopped working, my granma watches Tamil serials on the other one all the time, So I am stuck either at my laptop Or reading a book or writing my “journal” .I spent 200 bucks on this nicely bound journal thingy!! I thought I’ll make my handwriting more readable 🙂 and its always fun to laugh at the “dear diary” entries later on, isnt it? .And Yeah I managed to finish Game of thrones (A book by George R R Martin) at last! I took over a year to read 300 pages and 1 day to read the remaining 500 pages..Miracles happen when the TV is down huh? Anyways here are the other two links..360 is for Movie reviews and the other for books..Check it out from time to time..the blogspot one has nothiing new. Will spend this weekend writing reviews for ALL the books I have read so far!! 😀

Yahoo 360 Link

BlogSpot Blog

Oh and I’ve actually started “working” a bit from work.Got a deadline tomm..ahem…Dont put nazar now ;)..

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9 responses to “Nothing New

  1. It happens with some books.In fact there are some books which i initially gave up reading after a few tens of pages. But later finished the whole book in a single night by staying up all night.
    So how was the book?? What was it about???

  2. Thanks Prabh for suggesting that alternative job option ;)..hehe I will def give it a thought..hehe
    and Voidd..I dont “maintain” any of them really. I Just like creating them..and then lettin them rott.. 😉

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